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Jun 15

Determining the Optimal Frequency for Practicing Yoga and Pilates


We all know that regular exercise is incredibly important to good health. Many well-intentioned people start a fitness routine with an excess of enthusiasm and then quickly burn themselves out because they did too much, too soon. In Pilates and yoga, as with all forms of exercise, the correct frequency can make the difference between …

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Oct 01

Does Yoga Burn Belly Fat?

People take up yoga for all kinds of reasons, but one of the most common is slimming and toning their bodies. our belly may be one of those stubborn spots where your body stores fat. Are there any yoga moves that can “spot tone” that area to burn fat? We’ll get this out of the …

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Aug 15

How Exercise Helps the Immune System

Want to feel more energetic and avoid those occasional bugs that lay too many of us low? Getting regular exercise can help make your immune system stronger and keep you going all year long. A few of the reasons exercise can be so valuable: 1. Exercise may flush bacteria from the lungs and airways. Researchers …

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Apr 15

Avoiding Injury During Ballet Barre Workouts

Ballet barre Pilates offers a great core workout; but, like any exercise, there is a risk of injury. To keep yourself off the sidelines, remember these important injury-avoidance tips during every barre workout: 1. Watch your posture. Barre exercises are meant to be performed with your hips, knees and ankles turned out. If you do …

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Jan 01

The History of Ballet Barre Pilates

Barre workouts are trendy now, and a popular way for a number of celebrities to stay in shape. However, many people are surprised to learn that this full-body workout is not new. For over 50 years, barre classes have been helping both men and women attain higher levels of fitness. Dancer Lotte Berk first developed …

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Dec 15

Host Your Bachelorette at Our Studio

Not into the usual night out on the town or stuffy old fashioned bridal showers? Modern couples have more options than ever when planning wedding-related events. More and more people are choosing unusual weddings and offbeat parties for the bride beforehand. There is no reason that your bachelorette party should be a cookie cutter outing. …

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Nov 15

Staying in Shape While Traveling

shape while traveling

Some of us need to travel regularly for work. Others are getting ready for the holidays and trips across the country to see farĀ flung family. And still others are getting away for a special vacation with their partner or some friends. And, while these trips are often hectic, it is still important to keep up …

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Nov 01

What is hiking yoga?

hiking yoga

If you’ve checked out our upcoming workshop calendar, you may have noticed something different: we started offering a Hiking Yoga workshop at the beginning of October. Besides the benefits of a change of pace, there are a lot of reasons that we’re happy to offer this unique workshop. A few reasons we’d love to have …

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Oct 15

Yoga Class Etiquette


Joining a new yoga class can give you the jitters. You may feel like you won’t know what to do. However, most classes are very tolerant of beginners. As long as you observe this yoga class etiquette, you will fit right in: 1. Avoid perfumes. Before heading to class, avoid applying cologne, perfumed lotions or …

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Oct 01

Staying Cool While Exercising


High temperatures can lead to dangerous overheating during exercise. Vacaville temperatures will continue to stay high for at least another month. These tips can help you stay cool while keeping active with indoor and outdoor pursuits. 1. Work on heat acclimation. Regularly exposing yourself to short bits of heat while exercising helps increase blood volume, …

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