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Aerial Yoga classes are temporarily not available due to the Corona Virus Pandemic


Aerial Yoga is a practice that fuses together the two traditional art forms of yoga and aerial dance. For centuries people have found freedom while flowing through yoga postures as well as dancing in the skies. This allows practitioners to sink into their practice more quickly, to deepen stretches, to find proper alignment naturally, and to reap the benefits of inversions without strain on the joints of the body.

Aerial Yoga is the uniquely enhanced practice of traditional hatha yoga using a soft fabric hammock.
Each fabric hammock supports up to 2000 lbs, and is safely suspended a few feet off the floor. The fabric hammock is a wonderful prop, much like a strap or block, assisting in body alignment, opening awareness, deepening stretches, and creating spinal decompression.

Reducing spinal decompression may help eliminate nerve compression, bringing nutrients and water into the spine and other areas of the body.

Since inter-vertebral discs have poor circulation, they depend upon receiving their nutrition through the vertebrae end disks above and below. When the spine has more space, it is less compressed and chronic back pain may become less. With the weight of the body partially or fully supported, we can explore and create more space in our bodies as intended in yoga practice. Without the compression of the joints and spine we can achieve proper posture and alignment through relaxation rather than effort, therefore finding a more balanced expression of each pose.

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Also, many Aerial Yoga positions help students achieve more advanced traditional yoga postures which can take years to learn, such as headstands, back bends, balance poses, deeper stretches, and even more. Aerial Yoga allows you to practice inversions without strain to the neck or joints, allowing for surrender into a posture and its full benefits. You will find that your mind clears, shifting to become open, aware, present. Through Aerial Yoga, the connective tissues of the fascia unwind, the mind quiets, the core-strength is enhanced, and participants leave the class feeling more whole. But, most of all, Aerial Yoga is simply just fun!

Aerial Yoga Class Things to Know

    • Instructor supervision required to get on and move around on a hammock for safety reasons.
    • Do not wear clothes with buttons or zippers. Bring or wear a long sleeved shirt or a tight jacket to layer over for more comfort with fabric friction.
    • Wear deodorant and have clean skin.
    • Remove all jewelry, watches, and hair clips (place small personal items in small mesh bags provided).
    • Do not wear strong smelling perfumes or colognes (If you test any of our essential oil sprays in the studio on your body, wash your hands after. The oils will ruin our aerial hammock fabric).
    • Do not use any essential oil sprays during class or in savasana. Only use candles or night lights.
    • Only one person per hammock (max 300lbs).


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