Using Yoga to Integrate Mind and Body

Mindfulness meditation provides the body with many benefits such as clarity, stability, and strength. The same benefits are also often associated with the practice of yoga, so it is no surprise that the two often go hand in hand. Many people struggle with anxious or angry thoughts and carry those feelings through life, which is not pleasant. As more and more people search for peace in an increasingly chaotic world, yoga classes are becoming more popular than ever. 

How the Mind and Body Work Together 

When our bodies are tired and feeling sluggish, it can make our thoughts just as tired. In the same way, anxiety in your mind can lead your body to tense up. Your body language will be closed and withdrawn. There is limitless research available proving that an anxious or depressed mind has a demonstrable negative impact on the body, and the reverse is also true. This simple fact is frustrating to many who suffer from anxiety, as there is no simple way to reverse a natural emotional reaction to a situation or condition.

That’s where yoga comes into play. Yoga is not just about flexibility and stretching – this ancient practice was developed precisely because combining the physical elements of the art has an undeniable impact on the heart and mind.

Setting Up a Mindfulness Practice Through Yoga 

Regular participation in yoga has been shown to naturally assist in improving mindfulness. If you have the specific goal of raising your level of mindfulness, an experienced yoga instructor can show you specific poses that target the mind-body connection and work especially well for such a practice. It’s a good idea to start out with having a stable seating position, whether that’s on your mat or a meditation cushion. Sit upright, with your chest “open” to the present moment and experience what is present around you. If you need more support or have difficulty with floor exercises, sitting in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor is also ideal for this. 

It is always in your best interest to have a soft gaze at the floor or ahead a few feet away, especially when you are first starting out. Check-in with your thoughts as well to identify what you’re physically feeling. Most yoga classes do start out like this, and you can incorporate this into your practice at home as well. 

Paying Attention

It is just as important to notice when your mind begins to wander. Get into a slow, even breathing pattern that is natural for you. Pay attention to these breaths throughout your meditation. This will help get you back to the present moment when you find yourself getting distracted. Once you have been doing this regularly, it will get easier to check in with yourself and keep your thoughts from wandering. You will be amazed at how much you pick up on even in your normal daily routine that you never had before. This also is beneficial when it comes to remaining calm in stressful moments. 

Enroll In Yoga Classes In Vacaville To Increase Mindfulness

Attending both traditional and aerial yoga classes can help take you to another level with your meditation. Even if you have never tried yoga before, Yoga Core Fit has a range of classes for any level of experience and to suit specific needs. 

Try a class today and prepare to live a more peaceful life.

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