What to Expect at Your First Ballet Barre Pilates Class

first ballet barre pilates class

If you are ready for a more varied and challenging workout, ballet barre pilates may be a great fit. In these fast-paced classes, you build endurance and strength through lengthening and strengthening exercises. They can be intense, but the upbeat music and camaraderie can make it some of the most fun you can have while breaking a sweat. A few things to know before your first class:

1. Start off by introducing yourself to your instructor.

You’ll get a quick rundown on the set-up and the opportunity to talk about any injuries or restrictions. When your teacher knows where you are starting, she can help you with modifications of moves and help you out with extra attention if you need it.

2. Wear the right clothing for an easier class.

Fitted tops keep your shirt from riding up if you bend over. Leggings and a tighter top also allow your teacher to observe your form and offer corrections. And, put aside your shoes as you enter the classroom. Ballet barre pilates is always performed without shoes. Regular ankle socks are okay for a first class. If you decide to continue, invest in a pair of socks with grips on the soles for a better workout.

3. There will be props.

The barre is the main prop that you will be using during your class. There may also be straps for stretching, a small, soft ball that you can squeeze between your inner thighs or balance under your feet and small hand weights for working muscle groups that cannot be worked through body weight workouts. Don’t worry about bringing props with you. We can provide what you need for your class.

4. Make sure you are well-hydrated.

Bring water to class so you can sip between moves to keep yourself from getting dehydrated. You may also want to bring a banana or another snack to eat afterward. This can help boost your potassium levels and help you recover after a tough workout.

5. If you can hold a ballet barre, you can do ballet barre pilates.

This is a challenging workout, but, there are modifications you can do while you get in the groove. The moves are easy to pick up once you have a bit of experience. By the time you have a few classes under your belt, you will feel right at home.

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