Yoga for Weight Loss



Many of us wind up overindulging during the holidays and picking up a bit of extra weight. With regular yoga practice and healthy eating, however, you can get back to fighting fit. A few of the reasons yoga is a great for weight loss:

1. Yoga helps you develop self-compassion

When you make a commitment to healthier eating habits, a few slip-ups are inevitable. When you are feeling self-critical about these lapses, it’s easy to give up and fall into bad habits again. Regular yoga practice helps you feel more compassionate toward yourself; if you slip up or overindulge, it is easier to let it go and continue with better habits the next day.

2. Yoga can help with weight distribution

While genes have the most impact on where you will carry weight, hormones play a part, as well. When we are under a lot of stress, our bodies release cortisone. This stress hormone makes us more likely to carry weight around our bellies. With the relaxing power of regular yoga, we reduce stress hormones, allowing us to distribute whatever weight we do carry in different areas.

3. Yoga burns calories

Gentle hatha yoga burns around 160 calories for every hour of practice. More vigorous styles like vinyasa can burn over 500 per hour. While exercise alone doesn’t lead to a large enough calorie deficit for weight loss, paired with a healthy diet, you will be on the way to feeling better and looking your best.

4. Yoga can change how you deal with stress

When researchers talked to psychologists about the factors that affect diet, they said that emotional eating was one of the most important. Our hectic daily lives can leave us feeling stressed out and reaching to food for comfort. When we add our yoga practice to our daily routines, we change the way that our brains react to stress. We become more level headed and able to keep calm even during trying days. This allows us to better regulate how and what we eat. You will find that you are less likely to reach for a sugary snack when stress comes up and more likely to cope with healthier habits.

Yoga helps us connect our minds and our bodies. We are better able to form the habits that will serve both best. Over time, we will find that, when we practice yoga regularly, we eat better, are gentler with ourselves and that our bodies are stronger, slimmer and healthier. Book a class today to work toward the best version of yourself.

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