Yoga Vs. Pilates: What is Better For You In Vacaville, CA?

Both yoga and pilates are commonly offered in fitness studios and gyms around the world. Each offers participants of all levels an opportunity to strengthen their core and achieve greater strength, focus, and flexibility, yet there are also many differences between the two. Learn more about what each has to offer so you can select the one that is right for your goals and lifestyle.

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What Is Yoga?

The practice of yoga goes back over 2000 years, though it has obviously evolved a lot over time. Ancient yogis developed yoga as a complete spiritual practice with 8 limbs that were said to be the guide for living a meaningful life. Most modern yoga practitioners focus on asana, the third limb that teaches postures, though many yoga classes do also incorporate teachings from the other limbs as well. 

What Is Pilates?

Like yoga, pilates focuses on the connection between brain and body and concentrates on posture and flexibility. However, pilates is less spiritual and more physical, using breathing and exercises to achieve an optimal state of body and mind wellness through the application of 6 basic disciplines. There are some variations such as barre pilates that incorporate dance and more artistic movements, but generally speaking, pilates prioritizes precision and strength without bulk.

Core Differences Between Yoga And Pilates

With both pilates and yoga focusing on breathing and overall wellness over competition and bulking up, it is not surprising that they draw many of the same participants. However, though the two disciplines share some common beliefs, there are some differences in practice that will determine which is right for you:

  • Breathing: Though yoga and pilates both encourage participants to pay special attention to breathing, the methods are a bit different. Pilates uses breath as more of a technique while yoga sees it in a more meditative fashion.
  • Goals: Yoga practitioners tend to see it as an entire lifestyle, often incorporating more of the limbs into their daily activities. Some types of yoga like hot yoga do aim for more intensity, but usually the goal of a yoga class is a feeling of zen and peace. Though pilates can also help the mind, it is more often used as a form of physical rehabilitation. 
  • Movements: Pilates moves are shorter and less repetitive than yoga poses, which tend to be held for longer and used with more frequency. Yoga generally works the entire body where pilates focuses on powerhouse muscles. 
  • Equipment: Mat work is a part of both yoga and pilates, but pilates also uses a machine called a reformer to aid with workouts. Some forms of yoga, like aerial yoga, use special equipment like a swing and rigging, but for the most part, the items that aid yogis and yoginis are merely props to assist with poses or make participants more comfortable.
  • Spirituality: Because of their origins, yoga is a more meditative discipline whereas pilates is exercise-focused. Meditation is part of many yoga classes, a component not present in pilates instruction.


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