Yoga: The New Bachelorette Party

20 years ago, the idea of a yoga-themed bachelorette party would have never crossed the mind of most brides-to-be. But today, yoga’s popularity is such that the rental space at YogaCoreFit receives regular visits from brides seeking a healthier, more rewarding alternative to the traditional “night on the town”. 

Look Good, Feel Good

It’s no stretch to say that looking good, feeling good, and personal health are more important today than ever before. Brides and bridal parties want to look and feel especially good on the wedding day, when hundreds of eyes are on them and thousands of pictures are snapped. From a physical and mental perspective, yoga is a great activity for a bachelorette party. It helps tone the muscles and enhance the body’s flexibility, and it has a calming effect on the mind. The endorphins (mood enhancers created naturally by the human body) released during various poses and breathing exercises are carried over to the wedding day and beyond, with the bride and her coterie loving how they look on the outside and feel on the inside. 


Bonding Time

We could debate for hours whether a night spent drinking and partying really qualifies as “bonding time”, or whether it’s a fleeting moment during which people with a similar motivation (getting drunk) choose to share the same space. However, what’s not up for debate is the fact that group yoga is an activity that strengthens the bond between it participants. It’s a communal endeavor during which friends work individually-yet-together to accomplish a goal and gain the mental and physical benefits that follow. There’s a strong feeling of camaraderie in a yoga class, whether it takes place outside or in a conference meeting room, and it’s not uncommon for new friendships to be created, or for the participants to actively pursue new yoga classes and goals together. 


Stress Relief

For many couples, there’s a lot of stress to deal with in the days and weeks leading up to the “Big Day”. Even more so nowadays, when men and women are working harder and longer than previous generations. For natural stress relief, few if any activities are more effective than yoga, which is why more and more brides and bachelorette parties are partaking. It’s becoming increasingly common for brides (and grooms too) to engage in yoga activities during the run-up to their wedding, in order to optimize focus and mood. Similarly, this experience is one that brides want to share with their bridesmaids, especially since the day before or week leading up to the wedding can be stressful for everyone. A yoga-centric bachelorette party is the perfect way for participants to minimize stress and maximize energy for the ceremonies ahead. 


Host Your Bachelorette Party With YogaCoreFit

If you’re planning a bachelorette party in Northern California, contact YogaCoreFit and consider hosting your special event at our fully-equipped studio. We have everything your group needs to enjoy a memorable experience, from party room rental and engaging workshops, to private sessions and massage/facial services.

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