Yoga Teacher Training at YogaCoreFit

What attracted you to yoga for the first time? If you’re like many, you probably looked forward to getting fitter and closer to your spiritual core. While those achievements are certainly rewarding in their own right, yoga training can take you even farther along your journey to lasting wellness. 

Benefits of Training to Be a Yoga Teacher

More specifically, you’ll enjoy some significant benefits when you pursue training to be a yoga teacher. Even if you don’t ever plan to lead a class of yogis, you can still benefit from a training program that will make you a yoga instructor.

Here are some of the benefits that you may enjoy as you learn to teach yoga:

  • Improved body awareness: As you go through the asana labs that are part of your training, you’ll become increasingly aware of your body as you dissect different yoga postures. You’ll gain a better understanding of a body’s limitations and how and when to make adjustments as necessary.
  • Injury avoidance: Your training will make you mindful of your surroundings as well as your physical abilities. This mindfulness can help you avoid injuries in and outside of the yoga studio.
  • Increased strength: Training to become a yoga teacher will test your physical, mental and emotional depths and push you to new levels of strength in each of those contexts.
  • Shared experiences: Throughout your training, you’ll share experiences with others. Those experiences can form the basis for lasting relationships with people who share your passion for yoga, fitness and spirituality.
  • Clearer understanding: Your yoga teacher training will make you more aware of how your mind works. It will give you the motivation you may need to make changes for a healthier outlook as well.
  • Greater confidence: Yoga instructor training will challenge you in many ways and it may cause you to stumble at various points. As you overcome obstacles in your learning, you’ll enjoy greater confidence in your abilities as a student, teacher and person.

Why Choose YogaCoreFit

If you’ve even just casually looked into training programs to be a yoga instructor, then you already know you have a generous number to choose from. Although that’s the case, you’ll quickly discover that Bend Yoga Teacher Training at YogaCoreFit is the easy choice to make.

Founded by Tina Clay and Christian Rairdan, Bend Yoga Teacher Training is a 200-hour program that’s registered with Yoga Alliance. The training takes place over 10 months, and it includes one weekend module held once per month. This training program focuses on movement and the related fluidity of and mindfulness of breath.

The curriculum for Bend Yoga Teacher Training is designed to bolster you along your personal journey toward self-discovery as you learn the skills necessary to help others trod the same path. The history of yoga, the advanced study of asana and the ethics of providing yoga instruction are samples of what you’ll study throughout your yoga teacher training at our Vacaville, CA fitness studio.

To learn more about the Bend Yoga Teacher Training hosted at our fitness center, contact YogaCoreFit or visit our convenient location at your convenience.

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