Can Yoga Make You Better at Your Job?

yoga makes you better at your job

In the west, we tend to think of things as discrete and unconnected. We have our work lives, our personal lives, our families, and we don’t often think about how these spheres connect. Because of this, people are often surprised to learn that, when they start taking yoga for exercise, they can also benefit on other areas of their lives, including in their careers. A few of the ways that the yoga that you do on your own time can enhance your performance at work:

1. Yoga can help improve your focus.

The focus that you bring to your practice extends throughout the day. You’ll have better concentration and be able to complete tasks more accurately and quickly.

2. Yoga can help you get along better with your coworkers.

When you are tense, it’s hard to stay patient with the people around you. Yoga reduces your stress levels, allowing you to stay more calm and open when you are at work. And, because your focus is increased, you will be better able to listen and understand the people around you, making them feel better about working with you.

3. Yoga makes you more resilient and calmer in the face of change.

In a high-paced workplace, you have to be able to adapt quickly as situations change and new opportunities present themselves. You’ll have an inner stability that can keep you centered even when things around you are uncertain. That calm can help you handle any disturbances with grace, making you a more valuable asset to your workplace.

4. Yoga helps enhance your memory.

In a study on mindfulness meditation, they discovered that people who engage in regular meditation are more able to multitask because of their stronger memories. This allows you to move from task to task fluidly without losing track of what you are doing.

5. Yoga gives you more energy and enhances your health.

Between lost days at work and lower productivity when we aren’t feeling our best, illnesses cost the US workforce $576 billion every year. When you get more physical exercise, you reduce your susceptibility to illness as your body gets stronger. And, the lower stress levels that regular yoga practitioners enjoy also enhance health and improve your immune system. When you are feeling your best every day, you do better at work and often manage to skip whatever cold is going around the office this week.

By increasing your personal wellness, you can enhance other seemingly unrelated areas of your life, as well. Visit our Vacaville yoga studio to find a class that fits your life and your needs.

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