Yoga Class Etiquette


Joining a new yoga class can give you the jitters. You may feel like you won’t know what to do. However, most classes are very tolerant of beginners. As long as you observe this yoga class etiquette, you will fit right in:

1. Avoid perfumes.

Before heading to class, avoid applying cologne, perfumed lotions or scented hair sprays. The scents of these can be overwhelming during physical activity, particularly in a small classroom.

2. Show up to class on time.

Try to get there a few minutes before class starts. This way, you have time to get your stuff stowed and your mat set up without delaying or interrupting class.

3. Remove your shoes outside.

Shoes should never be work into a yoga studio. Take shoes off before you enter and stow them in the provided storage space or in your yoga bag. If you prefer not to practice in bare feet, you can buy yoga socks that will cover your feet while still giving you the grip you need.

4. Stagger mat placement.

Look behind you to assure that you did not place your mat right in front of someone else’s. By staggering the mats, it is possible for everyone to have a clear, unobstructed view of your instructor.

5. Keep conversation minimal.

While some classes are more social than others, take a class or two to see how the rest of the room behaves. Many people prefer to keep the first few minutes before class quiet so that they can turn inward. You can use the minutes before class for quiet and centering meditation.

6. Turn off all your electronics.

Nothing is more jarring than the electronic beeps and tunes your phone makes when people try to get in touch. You can set up a pre-programmed “quiet time” using an app like Silent Time if you are worried that you will forget to turn your phone off before class or turn it back on after.

7. Be respectful about questions during class.

Many yoga instructors prefer that questions be reserved until after class. If you aren’t sure how to do a pose or if you need assistance, keep your question in mind so that it does not interrupt others’ concentration. Your teacher may move through the studio during class, which will give you an opportunity to quietly ask when she comes to you.

8. Clean up after class.

If you are using the studio’s mat and equipment, be sure to wipe them down before returning them. Ensure that you leave everything where it belongs and that the room is in the same shape it was before you entered.

In the end, it comes down to showing respect for your instructor and your fellow students. By observing proper etiquette, you can make others’ experiences at our Vacaville studio as pleasant as your own.

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