Why More Businesses Are Encouraging Yoga For Employees

Long work days lead to increased stress, not to mention extensive time spent staring at a screen. To combat these workplace pitfalls, more businesses are encouraging yoga for employees. YogaCoreFit, offering yoga classes, rental space, and much more, looks at a few key benefits. 


Workplace team-building has existed for decades, usually in the form of BBQs, softball games, and bowling leagues. However, none of these activities can match yoga’s stress-relieving and mood-enhancing properties. Sure, traditional sports offer a certain level of shared participation and bonding, but by their very nature sports are adversarial, which can lead to elevated tempers and negative attitudes due to wins and losses, and different skill levels. Contrast this with yoga, which teaches people to focus, relax, boost their spirit, and regulate their emotions. 

Yoga gives employees the tools to navigate heavy workloads and handle stress. Also, the fact that yoga is a shared experience, one which doesn’t emphasize scores and individual talents, encourages bonding amongst co-workers. Employees who do yoga together are more apt to work cohesively, support each other, and be effective at their respective jobs. 


Boost Productivity

With yoga, all that’s required to begin boosting workplace and employee productivity is a conference room or offsite party room rental, and a signup sheet. Soon after you begin setting aside time for yoga, you’ll begin noticing that your employees are feeling less tired and less stressed, and are more committed to putting in a productive workday. This isn’t smoke and mirrors, but rather comes courtesy of the burst of natural energy that yoga provides. Yoga and the breathing exercises it incorporates cause the human body to release endorphins: a natural chemical that lifts the mood and clears the mind. Moreover, people who do yoga feel a distinct sense of accomplishment after a session, one that carries over into the office. 


Pain Relief

Spending countless hours hunched over a computer and sitting dormant at a desk is not a recipe for good health. In fact, the associated aches and pains are well documented. Yoga counteracts these symptoms of modern life by helping the body to open up, stretch, and extend: pretty much the opposite of what occurs in a cubicle. Yoga poses and postures serve to alleviate pain, pressure, and aches, making the body more sound and thus the mind and spirit. 


What Does YogaCoreFit Offer?

If your business lacks a suitable space for yoga, or you’d like to get out of the office and hold yoga classes in a different environment, our local yoga center is for you. We happily rent out our rooms for employee yoga classes, as well as yoga-focused parties and special events. We also offer a variety of workshops and private sessions tailored to your specific needs. Our spaces have everything you could ask for: sound systems, ceiling fans, WiFi, a large parking lot, and much more. 


Give Your Employees a Path To Better Productivity and Peace Of Mind

Contact YogaCoreFit today and we’ll customize a yoga program that meets your business’s unique needs and personnel. Whatever you require: targeted yoga workshops, a conference meeting room rental, meditation instruction, or after-work massage – we deliver.

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