Why Barre Pilates Is the Answer for Amping Up Your Fitness Routine

The image of a ballet dancer is one that embodies grace. While we might envy the fluid gracefulness of ballet, the dancers themselves are also incredibly strong. Of course, some of this has something to do with their non-stop dedication to the art but the movements used in ballet also play a huge role in building a lean but muscular physique.

The fitness industry has taken notice of this and as a result there has been a surge in the popularity of barre Pilates – a form of exercise that incorporates a dance bar, ballet inspired moves and pilates.

Barre Pilates provides an intense workout that’s suitable for all fitness levels, regardless of their experience in pilates or barre exercises. It’s also easily adaptable to accommodate various levels of strength and flexibility. If you’re ready to raise the barre on your fitness routine, here’s why you’ll want to try barre pilates for yourself.

Strength During Rehabilitation

If you’ve suffered an injury, illness or are in any way limited in your physical capabilities, barre pilates is perfect for helping you build the strength and flexibility that’s necessary to recovery physically. It’s easy to adapt the exercises to accommodate areas of weakness and slowly build up strength.

Barre Pilates is well suited for individuals with back or neck issues, as well as women who are pregnant or postpartum – just make sure that you consult your physician first and let the instructor know about your condition so that they can recommend appropriate accommodations.

Whole Body Strength Building

Pilates and yoga are great ways to build strength and flexibility but unless you vary your routine, it can be easy to focus strength building on only one or two areas of the body. Barre Pilates incorporates many of the same moves as traditional pilates but includes the entire body in the process.

With barre pilates, you’ll also use your own weight for resistance throughout the entire session. This helps to build strength within the core, arms, legs, glutes and back.

Core of Steel

While barre pilates builds strength throughout your body, one of the areas you’ll first notice the change in definition is your core. During ballet barre exercises, the core muscles are constantly engaged. If you’re looking for that elusive 6 pack, barre is the way to go.

Plus, having a strong core makes you stand taller, supports back health and contributes to a nice boost in self-confidence. Who wouldn’t want all those things in their life?

Supercharge Your Workout

While barre pilates is appropriate for all fitness levels, one of the biggest benefits of barre is that you can take your fitness to the next level and really start seeing results. Supercharging your workout is all about identifying your comfort zone and pushing past it. Barre Pilates is intense and strenuous enough to push you past your limits.  

Sign Up for Barre Pilates Today

If you’re ready to maximize the effect of your workout, we’re here to help you achieve your goals with ballet barre exercises. To learn more, contact Yogacorefit and sign up for a class today. We can’t wait to see your results.

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