What You Need to Know Before Walking Into Your First Aerial Yoga Class

Trying a new fitness class for the first time is an exciting experience. Maybe you’ve decided to sign up on a whim or perhaps you’ve finally taken the plunge to commit to something you’ve always wanted to try. Either way, you’re excited and maybe even a little intimidated. After all, this is new territory and you have no idea what to expect.

The unknown can be challenging enough when you’re talking about something that most people are relatively familiar with – like pilates or meditation. However, when you’ve signed up for a class that’s a little different from the norm, the unknown can leave you feeling a little nervous. This is often the case when someone signs up for their first aerial yoga class.

Aerial yoga is a unique practice that blends aerial dance and classic yoga poses. There’s a freedom of movement with aerial yoga and it usually doesn’t take more than one class for someone to become hooked. Here are a few things you should know before entering the studio on the day of your first class.

It’s Ok If You’re Not Flexible

When you first walk into the aerial yoga class and see the hammocks suspended in the air, you might feel like you’ve gotten in over your head – especially if flexibility isn’t your strong point. True, aerial yoga will challenge you to strengthen your body and trust it through the process, but you’ll also gain flexibility as you go. In fact, aerial yoga is a great for people working on increasing their flexibility because the hammocks offer additional support as you stretch and strengthen your body.

Expect to Spend Some Time Upside Down

One of the benefits of aerial yoga is that it helps support the body during inversion yoga poses. Inversion poses help to relieve compression along the spine and promote healthy circulation. In traditional yoga, it can take years to build up the balance, strength and confidence to achieve an inversion pose. Aerial yoga makes the benefits of inversion accessible to beginners. Don’t let fear control your experience, just relax and trust the process.

You’re Going to Use New Muscles

The poses achieved in an aerial yoga class help to strengthen muscles that don’t get much exercise through everyday activities or even traditional yoga. You’re likely to notice some tension in specific core muscles that are normally difficult to work. You’ll feel challenged – in a good way.

Make Sure You Know the Rules

There are some common courtesies that apply to any fitness class, like not wearing heavy scents. In an aerial yoga class, you’re going to have close contact with the fabric hammock. While the hammocks are durable, knowing and following the rules will help maintain the integrity and durability of the hammocks for future use.

It’s frequently asked that aerial yoga participants refrain from using scents, including essential oils, and avoid wearing clothing or accessories with clips, buttons, zippers, or any other item that may catch on or tear the hammock.

Prepare to Experience Your Favorite Fitness Class Yet

Aerial yoga is energizing, grounding and will leave you feeling stronger than ever. If you’re interested in trying aerial yoga for yourself, Yogacorefit has the class for you. Contact Yogacorefit to learn more about aerial yoga and to sign up for your first class today.

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