Basic Equipment Enhances Your Yoga In Vacaville Workouts

One of the best things about doing yoga is that it is simple to get started without a lot of fancy equipment. However, as you begin to practice more often and learn more yoga poses, there are certain items that allow you to take virtual yoga classes at home as well as to try some of the specialized types of yoga such as aerial yoga or barre pilates. 

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What Are The Basic Types Of Yoga Equipment? 


Yoga Mat

A yoga mat defines your physical space in group yoga classes and provides a good surface in which to practice yoga poses without worrying about slipping or sliding. Most yoga studios do have mats available to use for free or a small rental fee, but as soon as you commit to doing any type of yoga on a regular basis you will want to buy one that meets your specific preferences for  thickness, material, or size. When it comes to yoga mats, you generally get what you pay for, so it is a good idea to splurge in this area.


The beginning yoga poses are simple, but before long you will move on to some less-common positions including inverted poses, so your workout attire should take that into consideration. A few pairs of yoga tights or harem-style pants and sports bras for the ladies, shorts and form-fitting but breathable shirts for the men. If you have long hair, some cloth headbands or hair ties will keep it in place through any type of yoga pose. If you don’t want to do yoga barefoot, official yoga socks with grips are necessary. Affordable yoga clothes are available at many department stores and online retailers, but it is totally okay to treat yourself to some nicer stuff as well.

Yoga Strap

Flexibility is a major goal of yoga, and many poses will test your physical limits. A yoga strap extends the reach of your arms for poses where you may need to hold onto your feet. Barre pilates in particular makes use of a lot of these  types of movements, so if this is your favorite type of yoga, a strap is necessary. Most yoga studios do have straps to borrow for those difficult moves, but they are fairly inexpensive, so it makes sense to have your own.

Yoga Block

A yoga block is another item that helps with poses. In this case, the block makes it easier to achieve proper alignment in standing poses where your hands must touch the floor. If you are mostly doing virtual yoga classes at home, you probably have things around the house that can fill this purpose, but of course an official block will be a little cumbersome and easier to use, especially if you tend to do yoga outside or at a studio and don’t want to borrow or rent one.

Yoga Blanket

Yoga blankets are a very versatile piece of equipment that is also available to rent or borrow at most studios. They provide extra support during sitting poses and can be used to cover up when chilly. As with yoga blocks, you probably have a suitable blanket at home if you are practicing virtually, but many people would rather buy this inexpensive piece of equipment than borrow something other people regularly use in a shared space.

Ballet Barre

Obviously, Barre Pilates and other types of Barre classes use this piece of equipment. If you are taking classes solely at a yoga studio, there is absolutely no reason to buy your own barre. However, if you have decided to create a home yoga studio and wish to do barre-based yoga poses, you will want to purchase one of these.

Yoga Swing And Rigging

Aerial yoga has become quite popular among both beginner and advanced yogis. Most people who are just starting out take aerial yoga classes at a studio where they supply everything that is needed and your yoga instructor helps you safely rig your swing. However, if you are completely committed to doing aerial yoga on your own you will need a strong and durable but breathable silk swing and good, reliable rigging for the safest practice. A good yoga swing and rigging will not be cheap, but it is important to buy from a reputable seller. Ask your local yoga studio for recommendations.

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