What is hiking yoga?

hiking yoga

If you’ve checked out our upcoming workshop calendar, you may have noticed something different: we started offering a Hiking Yoga workshop at the beginning of October. Besides the benefits of a change of pace, there are a lot of reasons that we’re happy to offer this unique workshop. A few reasons we’d love to have you join us:

1. Adding some cardio to your yoga workout burns extra calories.

By alternating between stretching and getting out to move, you increase the fat burning benefits of your yoga class. If part of your reason for your yoga practice is losing weight, you will find that adding some cardio activity allows you to reach your goal more quickly.

2. Getting out in nature lifts your mood.

Studies showed that people who got their exercise outdoors received a bigger mood elevation benefit than people who worked out indoors alone. By adding our hike in the middle, we get you out into the fresh air and natural surroundings, allowing you to get a boost that lasts all day.

3. Alternating yoga with walking improves mental cognition.

Get the blood pumping and feel sharper by getting outside for a refreshing hike in between our two gentle yoga sessions. You will find that you think faster, enjoy better memory and feel more alert all day after you are done.

4. It increases endurance.

When you begin with gentle stretching, add in a refreshing hike, then finish up with more soothing yoga, you’ll find that you are able to build endurance without feeling worn out. Day by day, alternating these activities can help make you able to go on longer. This helps your athletic performance in other activities, gives you more energy to get through your day to day tasks and means that you can get farther out in nature and enjoy what time in the woods has to offer.

5. It offers a change of pace.

Find that you are getting bored with your regular yoga practice? Adding some outdoor hiking in the middle allows you to get a different workout and make your everyday practice seem fresh and new again. By occasionally mixing it up with hot yoga, ballet barre Pilates and other classes, you can work more muscle groups and keep yourself more engaged.

Your daily yoga practice can and should be something you look forward to. By adding a new dimension, you allow yourself to develop new skills and abilities, find new ways to find a peaceful inside place and increase your strength. Join us for this outdoor yoga adventure.

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