What is Buti Yoga?

Yoga has become one of the most popular fitness activities on the face of the planet, in large part because of its low-impact, sweat-inducing physical benefits and in part because of its meditative advantages. “Yoga” is an extremely broad term, however, as there are different versions of the activity that we teach here at YogaCoreFit, including one of our favorite forms: Buti Yoga.

“Buti” is a Marathi Indian term that means, “The cure to something that’s been hidden away or kept secret.” In other words, it is a form of yoga that allows its practitioners to discover some new part of themselves, to work toward their full physical, mental and emotional potential. Not only is great for the body, but it is meant to inspire great confidence and assist people in overcoming their fears and weaknesses.

If that sounds awesome, and it should, then perhaps a Buti Yoga class here at YogaCoreFit could interest you!

What Happens in a Buti Yoga Class?

Like in any yoga class, a Buti Yoga class will focus on some specific low-impact moves, but it doesn’t stay low-impact for long. In combining vinyasa-style yoga with plyometric exercises and tribal dance moves, it’s the sort of workout that strengthens the core and gyrates just about every part of your body over the course of the workout. It’s not as static as standard yoga, in other words; things move a little more quickly and there’s very little holding of poses. If yoga were a form of dance, Buti Yoga is what it would look like.

There is no question that this is a challenging activity, and a full class, no matter how long, is going to send you home exhausted and a little sore (but in a good way!). The clothing that people wear is a little more energetic, the music certainly is more uptempo, and the energy of the group is unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed in a yoga class. While it is meant to challenge the people doing it, there are different levels of courses for everything from beginners to experts. This ensures you end up being appropriately challenged and practicing with people not unlike yourself.

The Spiral Structure Technique

Also known as “SST” for short, the Spiral Structure Technique is Buti Yoga’s way of building strength in all of the major muscle groups. Developed by Buti Yoga founder Bizzie Gold, it is meant to completely transform the way a body looks and performs on a daily basis. Done correctly, Buti Yoga is the only workout you need over the course of the day and doesn’t have to be supplemented with any other weight work or cardio. By strengthening your core and all the other major muscle groups, you’ll see physical and mental transformations almost immediately.

If you would like to enroll in a Buti Yoga course, give us a call here at YogaCoreFit any time and we’ll do everything we can to find the right class for you. This really is a transformative exercise that has revolutionized the way people see yoga. Why not give it a try yourself to unleash the best possible version of yourself?

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