Turn Your Workout Into A Party

There are few things better than spending time with great friends, but sometimes you think it would be nice if every now and then you could take a break from your standard lunch or wine dates or the monthly book club and try something new – bonus points if this something new supports your current health and fitness goals.

This is also true for those friends that are already part of your active lifestyle – like maybe the friends you take a run with every Saturday morning or the ones you meet at your workplace fitness center twice a week during lunch. Sometimes, you just want to try something new and fun with a group of people you enjoy being around that also nourishes your body as much as your spirit.

The next time you’re planning a day or night out with your friends, consider something entirely new – like a fitness party class designed especially for your group.

Fitness Party Class?

Granted, a few of your friends might think that combining fitness and a party is an impossible task. We’re here to tell you that not only can you gather some of your best friends to share a yoga class, but that you can also have an insane amount of fun doing it.

Customized party classes are held in the intimate environment of the studio’s party rental room. This isn’t just your typical rental room, but one that is designed with all the features you need to have a fitness-centered great time with your friends.

For example, some party rooms have disco lighting, black lights, amazing sound systems and laundry facilities so you can quickly wash the clothes you worked up a sweat in while you’re sipping on a post workout refresher and mingling with your friends.

Why Book a Party Class?

The list of reasons why booking a party class is great idea is practically endless. But if we had to sum it up, it would be that sharing in the experience is something that strengthens bonds, helps to keep everyone healthy and creates memories that won’t easily fade away. Also, if you’re lucky, your party class will be the first step to a lifelong commitment to focusing on healthy living with the people you enjoy spending time around.

While the focus here is primarily on strengthening friendships and trying new healthy activities together, it’s also worth noting that a workout party can be an interesting way to liven up an otherwise dull event – like a business or neighborhood meeting. Exercise helps to clear the cobwebs from you head, gives you an instant boost of energy and has a magical way of fostering teamwork. A yoga class followed by a brainstorming session can be the perfect solution for inspiring truly innovative thinking within a group environment.

Would you like to know more about booking a party class for your group? Our trained instructors will help tailor a class to your group and create an experience that you’ll enjoy. Contact Yogacorefit today to learn more about our party options, including private Pilates and yoga classes.

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