Top Yoga Trends for 2018

One of the teams on this most recent season of CBS’s “The Amazing Race” is comprised of two friends that started a “Goat Yoga” business, which likely is something fitness nuts read something about over the course of the last year. Taking pets to yoga class or heading to yoga classes with animals was one of the more entertaining yoga trends of 2017, and it proves that literally anything is possible for 2018.

Here at YogaCoreFit, we are looking forward to this new year with an eye toward what might change over the course of the next twelve months. The following are some of our predictions for the biggest yoga trends of 2018.

Flotation Yoga

While people who know very little about yoga tend to think it looks fairly easy, those who participate regularly can attest that it’s one of the sweatiest workouts known to mankind. There are some gyms with access to pools that are adding flotation yoga to their list of classes, which means standing on a floating surfboard to perform the requisite asanas. It adds a whole new layer of difficulty and balance to these exercises, but for those looking to level up, it could be a fun new way to practice yoga this year.

Beer Yoga

Beginners, meanwhile, may be given their first taste of yoga by also being given a taste of some delicious craft beer. Brewed well, beer actually has its own fair share of health benefits, and using it as the proverbial dangling carrot at the end of the workout is a great way to help motivate people through their classes. Not only that, but it sure is a fun twist on an activity that already was good for the soul.

Yoga Vacations

The entire purpose of getting out of your hometown for a hard-earned vacation to re-center yourself, escape the hectic nature of everyday life, and enjoy your time in a new locale. Yoga vacations are starting to pop up as a way to get people out of their homes for a much-deserved holiday while also working in plenty of yoga along the way. Classes in exotic places like wilderness clearings or serene, sandy beaches could transform yoga for some people. Then, with the rest of your time, you could just enjoy your vacation as usual!

More Holistic Approaches to Fitness

We know how much intense interval cardio workouts like CrossFit have grown over the course of the last decade, but there is a feeling that the tide may turn in 2018 toward exercises that enrich the mind as well as the body. The meditative qualities of yoga are a huge part of the draw, and we suspect that more people than ever will come to that realization in the months to come.

In a general sense, people want their precious fitness time to go toward activities that are effective, fun, and enriching, and yoga trends for 2018 look as though they will check all of those boxes. Here at YogaCoreFit, we can’t wait to see how this ancient art continues to evolve, and we welcome any and everybody to attend a class this winter!

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