Top Pilates Trends for 2018

We all have seen how much CrossFit and intense Beach Body workouts have dominated the fitness landscape over the course of the last few years, but while so much emphasis has been placed on intense interval cardio, it’s important to recognize that almost all of those programs also work in an element of yoga or Pilates because they know they offer their fair share of health benefits, as well.

While Pilates has been around for ages, we do look forward to a few exciting new trends on the horizon for 2018 here at YogaCoreFit. The following are four of the most notable trends that could shake up the world of Pilates in the twelve months to come:

A Shift Toward “Inner Health”

Those high-intensity workouts that basically involve people slamming themselves as fast as humanly possible into the heaviest weight-lifting activities known to man are a big hit at the moment, but we see a shift in 2018 coming toward a more holistic approach to physical fitness that also involves serious attention being given to “inner health,” which looks at the spiritual aspect of exercise. Pilates, obviously, is a great activity for that.

Live-Streamed Classes

With the advent of fitness apps taking over smartphones over the course of the last couple of years, we predict a bigger shift than ever toward fitness done at home with a live-streamed class via app. With so many excellent Pilates apps from which to choose, people can get themselves access to any of a number of courses taught by any of a number of experts that should help them get their workouts in whenever they want and wherever they are. It should make Pilates classes easier than ever to attend.

Family Pilates

One of the excuses many people give for not exercising more often is that family responsibilities keep them from escaping long enough to fit in a workout. In 2018, we predict the advent of family Pilates courses that encourage people to bring their spouses and children with them to participate in the sort of activities that encourage entire families to stay fit and healthy together. Believe it or not, kids love to workout with their parents, and these types of classes will help them do that while also ensuring adults get in the Pilates workouts they crave.

Further Integration of Wearable Technology

Not only are more and more people getting wearable fitness bands to track their daily health, fitness, nutrition and sleep, but more and more software is invented each year to help integrate those fitness bands into classes. We absolutely could see fitness tracking work its way into Pilates classes so people participating can get a better sense of what they are getting out of their workouts.

Of course, at its core, Pilates still will be Pilates in 2018. If you would like to sign up for any of our classes here at YogaCoreFit, do not hesitate to reach out. We will give you the best and newest of what Pilates has to offer, all while giving you the sort of meditative core workout you always have loved and appreciated.

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