We deeply value and respect your opinions and concerns. We strive to provide yoga and pilates classes that fit your needs. Your personal experience at our studio matters. This is your studio! Wishing you good spirit and wellness. Namaste.


CathyCathy M

I am new to the place but I already love it so much! Since I’m from Fairfield, it’s not really nearby but it is worth the drive for me. I take classes there everyday and I just LOVE the variety in classes at this studio. All the different instructors have their own style so it’s nice to try different kinds of yoga every time I visit. Everyone is so warm and friendly and the atmosphere is definitely relaxing and soothing. It feels like I’m at a spa when I’m there. Not to mention the amount of equipment! The only bad thing I can think of is how I wish Yoga Core Fit could become a bigger studio ’cause there are some classes that get a little full! Definitely try it! Best yoga studio I’ve been so far.

Karen testimonialKaren A

This is a great new yoga and pilates studio. A beautiful, clean, relaxing place to get away from every day stress. I’ve taken many classes from Carol. She is very friendly and experienced. Definitely a place to try out, if you are into yoga and/or pilates… or just thinking of trying out something new.

Julie testimonialJulie D

I have been doing yoga for many years and was thrilled to find a yoga studio that combined pilates as well. This studio is beautiful, peaceful and the classes are great for all levels! Carol is the owner and she will make you feel so welcomed and encourage you through your yoga practice. I feel like this my own little oasis where I can relax and focus on my own health. When I walk out of this studio I feel stronger, happier and relaxed!

Mandi testimonialMandi L

I had never done yoga before, and I was a little nervous about going my first time, but the class is not intimidating at all. Carol is GREAT. She is very clear in her instructions and is so sweet and upbeat! I leave feeling like I had a great workout every time. I highly recommend giving the classes a try. I am hooked and find myself looking forward to my next class.

Michael testimonialMichael P

I started going to Yoga Core Fit in May of 2012. My father in law had just died and it was a stressful period for my wife and I. Carol welcomed me to my first Yin Yoga class with a big smile and a warm reception to her beautiful studio. Carol’s expertise, enthusiasm, and love for what she does have helped make yoga a central part of my life. My favorite class is Yin Yoga and my favorite teacher is Carol! Thanks to her and Yogi I am a better human being, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Thank you Carol, and namaste from my heart to yours!

Paula testimonialPaula K

I love Yoga Core Fit! The diversity of classes and professionally trained teachers make for rewarding experiences. From Iyengar to Kundalini Yoga, and Mat Pilates, I have found a studio that offers many different types of classes for me to explore and enrich my physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing in a safe and nurturing environment.

Ellen S

I am grateful for the opportunity to give my testimonial for Carol and her other teachers at Yoga Core Fit. I have been a member of the studio since April of 2012. My favorite class is Yin Yoga, but I also love the Chakra Gentile Flow Yoga class taught by Sarah, and the Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation class taught by Tina.

As a retired Physical Therapist and Acupressure Practitioner, I am particularly aware of the knowledge required to teach the very specialized body mechanics of both Yoga and Pilates for maximizing techniques, benefits, and safety. All of the teachers are both qualified and adept at teaching this. Also, I appreciate that they demonstrate various options for positions and flow of activity so students can adapt instruction to their own ability and comfort levels with no feeling of judgment. All of this is offered in an environment that is beautiful and relaxing. I have made many new friends here, and I love the feeling of community and support among my fellow students!

Kim W

YogaCoreFit is amazing! The owner and head teacher, Carol, has changed my life. Her compassionate nature and warm studio exudes relaxation and empowerment. I’ve been taking yoga and Pilates from Carol for over ten years, and every class is better and better. The atmosphere is spotless and attention is paid to every detail. Her classes truly deliver results and are second to none.

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