Strengthen Your Core with Barre Workouts

barre workouts

We all know how important core strength is. A strong core gives you better posture. It protects you from injury when you are taking on new athletic challenges. It helps you keep up your stamina when you are faced with a long and hectic day.

The problem is finding the exercises that will help you develop that powerful core. Ballet barre Pilates allows you to develop strength in an engaging and challenging class. Barre classes can be intimidating to people who have not tried them before. After all, not many of us are ballerinas! However, ballet barre just refers to the inspiration and the equipment. 

Barre Pilates classes are hybrid classes that take the best of both disciplines. There is no need to come into class with dance training. Our instructors can work with you to help you through the movements. Even if you worry that you won’t get it right away, you can participate at your own pace. There are modifications for every skill level and every age; there’s no need to feel like you are affecting anyone else’s workout or holding the class back. Don’t worry about keeping up with others in the class; the only person you need to compare yourself with is the one who you were yesterday.

Barre classes allow you to get the muscle development you need without putting extra stress on your spine, your ligaments or your joints. Not only do they help you avoid injury by increasing your core strength; they also help you avoid injury while you are developing those important muscles.

From your first class, you will see how effective barre Pilates’s small movements are. Every muscle from head to toe will feel like they worked. You will find that you are getting stronger everywhere, including your core.

You will also find that your level of flexibility increases along with your strength. As you increase your range of movement, you also will increase your abilities in other areas, as well. Have trouble getting into some of the tougher yoga poses? Your work in barre Pilates will make those difficult moves far more attainable.

The best part is, you can see improvements fast. This is not an exercise routine that requires months of faithful dedication before you see a result. You will find that you are stronger, more flexible and more capable before you know it. Many people begin to see dramatic results just after two to four barre workouts a week for one month.

If you are looking for a shapelier, stronger and more capable you, join us for a barre class. We promise to work you to the edge of your abilities, keep you challenged and help you build the strength that will open up the opportunities you crave.

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