Staying in Shape While Traveling

shape while traveling

Some of us need to travel regularly for work. Others are getting ready for the holidays and trips across the country to see far flung family. And still others are getting away for a special vacation with their partner or some friends. And, while these trips are often hectic, it is still important to keep up your regular exercise routines so that you aren’t playing catch up when you get back home. A few ways to keep on top of workouts during travel:

1. Bookmark a few yoga videos on your video network of choice.

YouTube, Amazon Prime, DoYogaWithMe and other sites have a number of free yoga videos to follow when you aren’t in town and can’t make it to class. Choose ones that use minimal props so that you are able to fully participate even when you want to travel light.

2. Search for local fitness parks.

More and more cities are developing free-to-use outdoor parks where adults can work their way through activities. Some are simple exercise trails with small activities along the way, such as pull up bars and balance beams. Others offer outdoor elliptical machines and other amenities that visitors can use freely.

3. Set a reminder in your phone.

If you put a daily reminder to get in some exercise into your phone, you are more likely to keep the date with yourself instead of getting wrapped up in travel-related activities. Make it for a time that you are likely to be unoccupied with other tasks, such as first thing in the morning.

4. Download a yoga app.

There are a number of free and paid apps that provide audio direction and images of poses. These can lead you through a series of poses to give you a complete yoga routine to start your day. Depending on the app, you can choose poses that are prop-free or ones that use the yoga aids that you have brought along, such as blocks and yoga straps.

5. Get there by walking.

Whenever possible, pick scenic walks as your mode of transportation when you are away. Not only will you get more exercise, you will get to explore the city you are visiting far more thoroughly. Choose “walking” on Google Maps to find the quickest route. Or, check out apps like Walkanomics that can help you find the most scenic paths between one place or another.

By making regular physical activity a priority, you can travel without losing the physical gains you’ve worked so hard for. Add exercise to each day to make your trip more enjoyable and for a healthier time out of town.

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