Setting New Year’s Habits That Stick in Vacaville

scrabble spelling out Happy New Year

Creating Your Resolutions


When setting your 2021 resolutions, don’t forget to set big, audacious goals. Want to commit to upping your yoga game by promising yourself you’ll attend virtual classes daily? Put it on the list. Be as ambitious as you can – no one is judging or grading your resolutions.

Once you have a satisfactory list of goals for the new year, take a closer look at each one, and determine the steps that you would need to take to achieve them. Turning each list item into a piecemeal step-by-step recipe for success will help encourage you to persist in checking off more boxes. For example, if you want to add some peace to your daily routine by learning to meditate, start by educating yourself about how meditation can benefit you and then figuring out what time of day those benefits would be most appreciated in your daily schedule. When you break up larger goals into smaller pieces and can measure progress clearly, you’re more likely to continue working towards those goals.

As you review the list of changes you are hoping to make for yourself, take a moment to try and understand why you shouldn’t make certain changes, as certain drawbacks can make you less inclined to pursue a previously desired goal. For example, if you hope to quit smoking but place a high value on the time you step outside to take a smoke break, find a way to replace the benefit portion of the unhealthy habit to help you want to stick with the change.


Hold Yourself Accountable and Be Proud When You Do


Commit to yourself and the changes you want to make by telling yourself – in writing or in the mirror – that you want to make a change. Do the same with people in your life that you respect, or don’t want to disappoint, like your significant other, your children, your teacher, your doctor, your boss, or your friends. Do not treat your list of goals as a punishment! Make sure to reward yourself when you reach small milestones or check off boxes. These mini rewards can take the form of a virtual pat on the back, a mini celebratory dance break where you play your favorite song, or being cheered on by family and friends. Made time for meditation or yoga goals? Perhaps reward yourself with our zero gravity aerial yoga class for some extra fun.

Learn From the Past and Be Grateful

Most adults realize that being perfect all the time is not a reasonable possibility for anyone, but instead of beating yourself up for not keeping resolutions of years past, re-examine them to determine what may have made them fail. Take a moment to be glad that you have the opportunity to retool your steps and expectations to improve your life – Yogacorefit is here to help you make those changes – let’s all go into 2021, and beyond, together and leave the detritus of 2020 where it belongs!   

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