How Pilates Builds Body Confidence

Loving the body you have isn’t all about reaching the perfect number on the scale or fitting into the dress you wore 5 years ago. Being comfortable and confident in your own skin is about feeling strong, healthy and capable of handling whatever the world throws at you.

The fact is, we were each born with a different body type. Two people with exactly the same health habits might have very different bodies. It’s time to accept that this is ok, and that building body confidence is more about how you feel, than what you see in the mirror.

Of all types of exercise and physical activity, Pilates is one of the best for building strong body confidence. Here’s how a regular Pilates practice will help you to feel more confident, strong and resilient, inside and out.

The Six Confidence Building Principles of Pilates

There are 6 core principles of Pilates that guide the student through each of their exercises. These principles are outlined so that you can get the most out of your Pilates practice, but they serve double duty in that they’re important foundational principles for building body confidence.

Let’s look at the principles and how they relate to confidence.

  • Concentration: Concentration is essential for the mind body connection of Pilates, but practiced concentration and mindfulness also helps you keep things in perspective. When you’re concentrating on what your body is doing, and how it’s working, you gain appreciation and let go of comparing yourself to others.
  • Control: Precision and control are required in Pilates, but control is something that most of us haven’t mastered. In fact, we tend to feel out of control much of the time, especially when it comes to our bodies. Pilates helps us learn to control not only how our bodies move, but also the negative thoughts that tend to creep in when we don’t feel like we’re meeting our own expectations.
  • Precision: Precision in movement is important because it prevents injury and helps to build a strong body. Practicing with precision in mind also helps to quickly build your confidence in Pilates practice. You become amazed by what you’re capable of, and how strong your body is becoming because of it.
  • Breathing: Controlled breathing is an important part of Pilates. It’s crucial to increase the circulation of oxygen through your body and not fight against movement with your breath. But, learning to breathe requires that you slow down and pay attention. You learn how to honor your body, and its processes, by taking the time to breathe and be appreciative.
  • Flow: Pilates builds you up to be more fluid, flexible and graceful. You feel your muscles become longer and lean and gain new appreciate for how they carry and support you every day.
  • Center: Your core is the powerhouse of Pilates. It’s impossible to participate in regular Pilates practice and not build a stronger core. You’ll stand taller, feel stronger and exude natural confidence.

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