Pilates and Your Health

The Fitness Mood Connection

Exercise can be rewarding in and of itself, but many of us are seeking benefits outside the enjoyment of a class. When it come to improving your health, Pilates can be one of the best choices you can pick. A few of the benefits that make it a perfect health-booster:

Strengthening Your Core

Ballet barre Pilates helps you work your whole body in a way that makes your core muscles much stronger. This, in turn, helps you excel at other athletic activities. It also helps you avoid injuries. Whether you are engaging in a competition sport or just engaging in everyday activities like lifting small children and working around the house, the extra core strength can help you avoid strained muscles and other day to day hazards.

Stress Reduction

The focused concentration and control that Pilates requires can significantly cut down your stress levels. Since high stress has been linked to everything from insomnia to high blood pressure to a depressed immune system, everything you can do that cuts down on your stress levels is a good thing.

Easing Back Pain

Two out of three American adults experiences back pain at some point. For many, it’s a chronic condition linked to injuries or the repetitive stress of a desk job. Pilates improves flexibility and strength, allowing you to rebalance and experience far less pain. Cutting out chronic pain aids concentration, boosts the immune system and even makes you less susceptible to mood disorders like depression.

Improved Flexibility and Balance

When sports researchers wanted to reduce the incidence of injuries in college football players, they had them undergo balance and flexibility training. The players had significantly improved performance and far fewer injuries after adding this to their routines. Likewise, doctors recommend that, as we get older, we work on balance and flexibility to avoid the falls that can cause broken hips and other damage.

Better Heart Health

In a study on heart patients, researchers found that those who did Pilates in combination with 30 minutes of cardio a day improved far faster than those who did cardio alone. Since heart disease is one of the most common health conditions suffered by Americans, adding this early on may be able to help you avoid issues and stay healthy throughout your life.

Ballet barre Pilates is not just for women and not just for people who are already in athletic shape. We have classes available for people at all skill levels and we are willing to meet you where you are. Are you ready to make a healthy change? Check out our class calendar to find a ballet barre Pilates class here at our Vacaville studio.

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