What You Need to Know to Prepare for Your First Flying Yoga Class

Flying yoga is a type of yoga practice that’s gaining traction in yoga centers everywhere. It’s no wonder considering the health benefits and the sheer feeling of freedom that comes with combining yoga movements with aerial dance. Flying yoga is amazing, and while many people are interested in trying it, the uncertainties about what to expect from an aerial yoga class prevent some from ever experiencing this life-changing form of exercise.

So, to answer your questions, and ease your fears, we’d like to talk about what to expect from an aerial yoga class. yoga mat

Yes, Beginners Are Welcome

Because of the uniqueness of aerial yoga, many people believe that you must have years of previous yoga experience to even think about taking a class. While practice and experience make all types of yoga practice easier and more fluid, there’s no reason to let inexperience keep you from aerial yoga.

In fact, if you’re new to yoga, a flying yoga class is one of the best places for you. Flying yoga can help relieve muscular and joint pain that might be preventing you from enjoying other forms of yoga. However, most people do not have the proper equipment for flying yoga at home, nor are they aware of the risks of improper movement.

An experienced instructor can help you feel comfortable with the aerial hammock and gain the confidence to slowly and comfortably build yourself into a regular flying yoga practice.

Preparing for Your First Class

When preparing for your first flying yoga class, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. While some of this applies to any yoga class, some of it is specific to the nature of aerial yoga. Take for example, clothing.

If you’re accustomed to wearing loose, comfortable clothing for yoga practice, you’re going to want to invest in yoga attire that is free from any flowing components, such as wide-bottomed pant legs, flowy shirts or anything with fasteners that can catch or get caught in the hammock.

Additionally, you’ll want to keep in mind that you’ll be using shared equipment, and personal care products like perfumes, scented lotions and makeup can leave behind a residue that may be irritating to the people that use the hammock after you. For this reason, it’s asked that you refrain from using scented personal care products and remove cosmetics before the start of class. Don’t forgo the deodorant though, as you’ll likely work up a sweat and you’ll want to reduce the residue you leave behind.

Finally, it’s important that you have trust in your instructor. Flying yoga isn’t necessarily difficult to do but feeling comfortable with it can take some time. Having trust in your instructor to make sure that you are safe, supported and free from injury is important to relaxing and getting the most from your aerial yoga experience.

When you’re ready to try flying yoga, we’d love to help you learn all about it and introduce you to a class that you’ll be comfortable with. Contact YogaCoreFit today for our class schedule and to ask us questions about the benefits of flying yoga.

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