Is Yoga or Barre the Best Choice for Your Fitness Needs?

You’ve made a commitment to yourself and you’re ready to embark on great new exercise routine. The drive and ambition are there, which is a great starting point, but you’ve been looking at classes and you’re not sure which one is right for you. It’s a classic conundrum.


Yoga and ballet bar exercise are both popular choices that can be easily adapted for beginners. If you’re tossing a coin over barre or yoga, here’s a bit about the differences and benefits of each. 


Benefits of Yoga


Yoga is more than an exercise. It’s a practice that involves both the mind and body in the execution of poses that have been designed to strengthen the body, improve overall health and balance the mind. The poses used in yoga are called asanas, and there are many different types. Some forms of yoga are more meditative while others are more strenuous, causing you to work up a nice sweat.


Regardless of the form of yoga, one of the biggest focuses is learning to breathe. Yoga helps you learn how to align your breath with what’s going on physically with your body.


Because there are so many forms of yoga, there is a style that suits practically every fitness level, and it can be easily adapted to any physical limitation – such as back injuries or limited range of motion. In fact, many people find that yoga helps to ease their aches and pains while bringing about a sense of balance in their lives. Just make sure to discuss any limitations or injuries you may have with your instructor so they can assist you with proper modifications.


Benefits of Barre


Ballet barre exercises combine the movements of ballet and pilates with a touch of yoga. With barre pilates, a dancer’s bar – like the one found in ballet classes – is used to add build core strength and improve flexibility. If you’re one to look at barre and think it looks way too simplistic and elegant to make you work up a sweat, think again.


Barre Pilates is a core building powerhouse. Each movement is designed to strengthen the body, improve flexibility and target in on the core muscle group, which is so important for supporting the body and reducing the risk of injury.


Barre might be a little more strenuous than some forms of yoga, but the movements can be adapted to fit your current level of fitness and flexibility – plus it’s fun. If you’ve never tried barre before, look for a beginner’s class or a smaller class size where the instructor is available to answer questions. Barre exercises are ideal for people who want a whole-body workout, without the bouncing, jarring movements of higher impact cardio exercises.


Which Is Best for You?


Both ballet bar exercises and yoga are suitable for a range of fitness levels and can be tailored to meet your needs. It really is all about personal preference, and at Yogacorefit, we encourage you to explore your options, take a couple classes and discover for yourself which is the best fit for your body and your fitness goals. Ready to see the difference between ballet barre and yoga? Contact Yogacorefit and check out our class schedule today.

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