Is There Really a Difference Between Yoga and Meditation?

Many of us have adapted an on the go lifestyle that constantly keeps us plugged in and in a state that can be described as hyper-charged. The effects of putting our bodies through that type of constant stress are going to show eventually, manifesting in the form of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and even chronic illness. It’s important for your health to take time to step away from the fast lane and recharge. 

As we look for ways to counteract our increasingly busy lifestyles, holistic approaches that integrate mind and body healing have become more popular, with mediation and yoga now being widely practiced in the western world. Both are considered to be great for stress reduction, but is that where their similarities end, or are they essentially the same practice with different names?


Is There a Difference Between Meditation and Yoga?


While yoga and meditation share many of the same goals, they’re not exactly the same. What they do share in common is a focus on the present and calming the mind. In this respect, the two practices are synergistic and often blend together, especially in the types of yoga where the focus is less on movement and more on breathing and fluidity. 


The main difference between mediation and yoga is movement, and most of us in the western world consider yoga a form of exercise. With meditation, there is no focus on physical movement, but instead its all about gaining control of one’s mind in order to flush out all the distractions, focus on the present, and center one’s thoughts. 


How Yoga and Meditation Work Together


Yoga and meditation can have a synergistic relationship; however they can be practiced separately. Which one you choose depends on what you’re looking to gain from the experience. Both are great for relieving stress and calming the mind. Yoga is obviously more physical and can help strengthen the body and promote flexibility. But when you include both meditation and yoga in your life regularly, something magical happens. 


Yoga and meditation work together to form a stronger connection between the body and mind. This promotes an overall sense of wellbeing. Meditation helps you tune into what’s happening within your body during yoga, or any other type of physical activity. Likewise, yoga can help you relieve stress, soothe physical discomforts that might interfere with meditative practice, and release all those feel good hormones that will place you in a more optimistic place to enjoy a more effective and relaxing meditative practice. 


Discover Meditation and Yoga in Vacaville

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