Is Barre Just for Dancers?

When some people think of reaching the bar, they think of achieving something. Passing the bar exam is an example of a goal a person may strive to achieve. Getting a promotion, raising a set amount of money for a charity or getting an article published in an industry periodical are examples of other goals you might want to accomplish.

If your goal is to get into better shape, you may want to aim for another kind of bar. Rather than reach for the bar, you may want to sign up for a Barre workout class. 

Barre Workouts: Not Reserved for Dancers Any Longer

It wasn’t long ago that Barre workouts were reserved for serious dancers like ballerinas. In recent years, Barre workouts have gone mainstream. Today, these workouts are readily available in many fitness centers located throughout the United States. While Barre workouts are renowned for being strenuous, it’s easy to find classes tailored to people of all fitness levels.

What is Barre?

The ballet barre exercises are what inspired Barre as a fitness movement of sorts. The combination of multiple fitness disciplines, such as ballet barre, yoga, dance, flexibility and balancing training and Pilates, Barre is a cross-training program that’s ideal for anyone who wants to get into better shape. Barre is an isometric workout in which participants contract their muscles for extended periods to fatigue them and get their muscles into shape fast.

Most Barre workouts use a ballet bar at least part of the time. Depending on the specific type of Barre class you take, you may also use hand weights, resistance bands, exercise balls and/or mats. The class you sign up for will also determine some of the moves you’ll perform during your Barre workouts. 

Here are some common ballet barre exercises you may get to try out during a given Barre workout:

Benefits of Barre

If you’ve always dreamed of having a lean, dancer-like body, signing up for a Barre class may be the right move for you. That’s because Barre classes are designed to enable people to reshape their bodies into one that resembles the silhouette of a ballerina’s physique.

Here are some of the benefits that people who attend Barre classes three to four times per week often enjoy:

  • Flatter abs
  • Sculpted arms
  • Lifted rear end
  • Firmer thighs
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • Improved posture, balance and flexibility
  • Stronger core
  • Longer, leaner muscles
  • Greater sense of overall well-being

Sign Up for Barre at YogaCoreFit

Located in Vacaville, CA, YogaCoreFit offers several kinds of Barre classes. You can choose from the following Barre classes when you join our fitness center:

  • Barre Pilates
  • Barre Boot Camp
  • Barre Cardio
  • Barre Core

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of Barre in an environment that will support you as you journey toward a fitter you, sign up for a Barre class at our location. We look forward to having you participate in Barre workouts and helping you achieve your fitness goals at YogaCoreFit!

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