How To Incorporate Yoga in Your Daily Routine in Vacaville

Woman in Vacaville garden doing a yoga pose

Yoga is something that has applications outside of the studio. Even when you’re not practicing yoga, you still can experience its benefits and use the principles throughout your daily life, from the little difficulties to the serious hardships. Here are some ways in which yoga can be applied to your life after you attend our yoga classes

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Deep Breathing

Yoga gets you to focus more on your breathing. Your instructor will teach you specific techniques to help you regulate your breathing. Most people who don’t take yoga don’t think about their breathing for the most part, but gaining breath control is useful in difficult situations. When you find yourself in a stressful moment, pay attention to your breath and slow it down to release tension and override those stress responses. 


Life requires a great deal of balance. It’s important to recognize how we navigate through life and that the decisions that we make often are a result of balance. Some choices are made from necessity and others because they give us enjoyment. We work hard and then spend time reaping the rewards or spending some fun time with loved ones. We worry about getting everything done in a day yet realize it’s necessary to get enough rest and let things be. 


Your virtual yoga teacher often will tell you to go deeper into a pose, depending on what it is. This is just as crucial in your daily interactions and tasks. Look beyond the surface in a tough situation that makes you frustrated and find the positive side to it, see how it fits into the big picture and move on with your day. 

Body Monitoring

During virtual yoga poses you need to feel out your body’s response and make adjustments so that you are challenging yourself while remaining comfortable. Our health improves when we pay close attention to our bodies. If you’re feeling a little run down or sick, tune into what’s going on with your physical self. Also, you’ll want to notice how you feel in different situations as tensing up when around certain people is a telltale sign that your interactions with them are less than favorable. Our bodies can tell us this even when our minds trick us into thinking we’re okay with certain things. 

Transforming You

During yoga practice, you will notice physical transformation but also some spiritual transformation. It may take longer and more work to make this happen but it’s a common effect of taking lessons. Learn as much as you can about yourself, your reactions, and how you interact with your surroundings in general. 

Classes That Adapt to Your Needs

Did you know that you can take virtual yoga classes? With YogaCoreFit, it’s not only a possibility, it’s a great option for situations when you can’t make it into our studio. Yoga classes that fit your schedule and budget are a wonderful thing. 

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