Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

While you’ve probably heard of yoga classes or even attended a few, you might not be as familiar with hot yoga. Hot yoga is a comparatively new type of workout that provides many of the same benefits as traditional yoga – plus a few more – when it’s performed properly. 

Hot Yoga vs Bikram Yoga

When you hear people talking about yoga classes, you may hear discussions about hot yoga and Bikram yoga that sound quite similar. Although that’s not unusual, Bikram and hot yoga are not the same type of yoga.

Bikram yoga is done in a room at a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The workout consists of 26 poses and two breathing exercises that are always done in the same order during what’s normally a 90-minute class.

Hot yoga is performed in a room that is simply above what’s considered a normal temperature. The temperature for hot yoga is often between 80- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit, but not always. Hot yoga doesn’t follow a set format or script for exercises or breathing. Unlike Bikram classes which are usually quiet, hot yoga often involves music and plenty of interaction among class participants.

Reasons to Sign Up for Hot Yoga at Our Vacaville, CA Studio

Hot yoga is a great way to get into better shape in an enjoyable environment that’s on the warmer side. Getting you into better shape isn’t the only reason you may want to sign up for a group class or a private hot yoga session at our facility.

Here are some of the additional benefits you can enjoy when you sign up for and attend hot yoga classes:

  • Improves flexibility: Stretching warm muscles is proven to be safer than stretching cold ones. With that in mind, the environment for hot yoga will allow you to stretch your muscles further and increase your flexibility.
  • Increases bone density: Yoga requires you to hold different poses for given lengths of time, which can increase your bone density. Building bone density is vital for older people and women approaching menopause.
  • Reduces stress: Hot yoga is a great way to reduce stress while simultaneously improving your quality of life as it relates to your health and ability to achieve desired results in social and behavioral contexts.
  • Improves mood: Hot yoga is widely recognized for helping to improve participants’ moods. The American Psychology Association reports that yoga might help relieve the symptoms of depression as well.
  • Enhances cardiovascular functions: Hot yoga improves your cardiovascular functions because it gets your heart pumping as if you were on the equivalent of a vigorous walk, traveling about 3 ½ miles per hour at least.
  • Burns more calories: While you’ll burn calories in a traditional yoga class, you’ll burn even more in a hot yoga class due to the higher temperature in the room.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of hot yoga in an environment that’s fitness-oriented, social and supportive, your destination should be YogaCoreFit. Head over to our convenient Vacaville, CA location to tour our facility, become a member, and sign up for hot yoga classes now!

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