How to Get Started with Aerial Yoga

get started with aerial yogaAerial yoga can be a little intimidating the first time you see someone doing stretches and inversions in the air. However, this is an area of yoga that is more accommodating than you might initially think. To be prepared and ready for your first aerial yoga class at our Vacaville studio, remember the following:

1. Wear the right clothing to class.

Loose clothing can bunch up during inversions and get in your way. Wear clothing that fits tight against your body. Avoid items that have zippers or buttons. A long sleeved shirt or a tight-fitting jacket can help protect your skin against fabric burns.

2. Take off shoes and jewelry.

Aerial yoga is performed barefoot. Take off your shoes and socks before entering the studio. You should also avoid jewelry, watches, hair clips and any other items that can get caught in your hammock.

3. Hammocks are provided.

No need to buy a yoga hammock before starting class. They are provided by the studio. Once you have been practicing a while and know what you like, you can start shopping for a hammock for your own practice at home. Some people prefer hammocks with only a little stretch because of the stability they provide. Others like the flexibility of a hammock with more give.

4. Be aware of scents.

Wear deodorant to class, as it is easy to work up a sweat during an aerial yoga workout. Do not wear strong smelling perfumes, as they can cause irritation to people during class. If you have applied any of the studio’s essential oil sprays before class, wash them off before entering. The oils can damage the fabric of the aerial hammocks.

5. Wait for the instructor.

For safety reasons, instructor supervision is required when getting on or moving around on an aerial hammock. You should also limit yourself to a single person per hammock. Participants using hammocks should be under 300 pounds.

6. Discuss any physical limitations with your instructor.

If you have any injuries or limitations, take a few minutes before class to talk to your instructor. There may be modified or alternative postures you can do if you have trouble with any that are included in the class.

Once you are started, you will start to feel more confident in your aerial yoga abilities. Aerial yoga skills transfer well to other areas of practice. For instance, if you also engage in ballet bar workout, you will find that the flexibility and balance you gain from aerial yoga will make you more effective in this area, as well. Check out our class calendar and add this exciting variation to your workouts.

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