Finding Back Relief with Flying Yoga

Whether they suffer from occasional or chronic back pain, sufferers are often desperate to find relief from their discomfort. While conventional wisdom used to be that people who have back pain should lie down and rest until their discomfort subsided, that’s not the prevalent belief any longer in many cases. Today, people are often advised to rest a sore back for a few days at the most before they return to their usual daily activities.

Instead of having to force yourself to get out of bed when you have back pain, why don’t you take a proactive approach and sign up for yoga classes? If traditional yoga is too strenuous for you, you might want to register to flying yoga instead. 

What is Flying Yoga?

Also known as antigravity yoga and aerial yoga, flying yoga is a type of yoga that, in large part, is done while participants are suspended above the ground. When you participate in this kind of yoga, you’ll use a hammock or sling to support yourself. Flying yoga is offered to people of all fitness levels, sizes and shapes. Even people who are on the heavier side can take an aerial yoga class as the hammocks used can support up to 2,000 pounds with ease.

In flying yoga, participants use their respective slings as a prop. With the help of their hammock, many people find they’re able to achieve yoga positions they never thought they’d be able to. Some also discover that they can better refine their postures and stretch deeper. And they can do these things without compressing their spine or aggravating their back pain.

Benefits of Flying Yoga

The most significant benefit of flying yoga for anyone who suffers from back pain is the alleviation of at least some of their discomfort. When you’re suspended or inverted, your harness will almost act like a traction device that will decompress your spine and create space in arthritic joints, which will relieve your pain.

In addition to alleviating your back pain, flying yoga can also improve your alignment while it increases your strength. As your pain dissipates, aerial yoga will help you overcome your fears while it simultaneously boosts your confidence. When done regularly, flying yoga can also improve your digestion, facilitate lymph drainage and enhance your cognitive processes.

If You’re Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Aerial Yoga…

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of flying yoga, including the possible reduction of your back pain? If so, we encourage you to learn more about our aerial yoga classes and what they entail. No matter what your current fitness level might be, we assure you that you can do flying yoga at YogaCoreFit under the watchful eye of our talented instructors.

To alleviate your back pain and improve your overall health, we invite you to contact YogaCoreFit to sign up for aerial yoga classes now. We can’t wait to see you enjoy all the benefits that flying yoga has the potential to yield in the weeks, months and years ahead!

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