Exercise to Relieve Back Pain

relieve back pain

Relieve Back Pain

Back pain regularly plagues many Americans. A Gallup-Healthways poll found that 80% of adults in the U.S. had suffered back pain at some point in the past year. Thirty-one percent said that they suffered from chronic pain in their backs. Back pain does not discriminate between sedentary people and athletes. You can develop pain from spending too long sitting or from overexertion. The good news is, there is a lot that you can do to heal your body and control pain naturally. Exercise, especially yoga, can stretch and strengthen your body while providing relaxation and pain relief. A few of the best types of exercises to incorporate:

Yoga Breathing

One of the core principles in yoga centers around the breath, also called pranayama. Smooth and steady breathing helps relax muscles and allows you to let go of the tension that can contribute to pain. When you are practicing yoga, you should always ensure that you are moving slowly and smoothly enough to keep your breathing steady. For pain relief, start cross-legged in the meditation pose. Inhale while focusing on spots where you feel tension, then blow out and relax. Relief will start within around 10 breaths.

Gentle Stretching Exercises

Stretching your back, hamstrings and other muscles helps relieve the muscle tension that can lead to tightness and pain. Beginning with a sun salutation stretches your hamstrings and elongates your spine. Sphinx pose allows you to concentrate on your lower back. Thread the Needle continues to stretching through your lower back and thighs. If you are new to stretching exercises, be sure to take it easy at first and use modified versions of poses when necessary. It can take some time to get the full range of movement necessary without injury.

Core Strengthening Exercises

When you build stronger muscles, they are better able to support your body properly and help prevent back pain. Yoga positions like downward facing dog help build your abdominal muscles, will help support your back. The plank or dolphin plank pose works muscles all throughout your core, increasing your strength and building better posture.

By adding regular soothing exercise to your routine, you can release stress and build the strength that can help combat pain. Yoga Core Fit offers classes yoga Vacaville Ca. residents can fit into their busy lives. We have classes for every level for beginners to advanced. Check out our schedule to find a class and start feeling better today.

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