Coming Back to Yoga

coming back to yoga

It happens so easily. You start a yoga class, but then miss a couple of sessions because life gets in the way. More and more things happen, and you discover that you haven’t taken your yoga mat out in months. The longer you are away, the harder it can be to start up again. But, you do not have to let inertia keep you from making positive changes. If it’s been a while since you fell away from your practice, keep all of these in mind:

1. The yoga studio is a no judgment zone.

Sometimes, we stay away because we are afraid that we’ll be judged for missing so many sessions. Remember that ahimsa, which is typically translated as non-violence and non-harming includes non-judgment. Work toward non-judgement from yourself and know that others are most likely to be understanding.

2. You can start small.

If you are worried that you will be too busy to commit to classes, start with small routines at home. Greeting the day with a sun salutation is a good place to start. Try to drop into classes on the same day each week, but do not be harsh with yourself if life gets in the way.

3. Change your narrative.

Don’t think of yourself as someone who quit yoga or who let their practice fall away. Instead, think in terms of moving forward. You are someone making a recommitment to their health and their community and their self-esteem. When intrusive thoughts come, simply acknowledge them and release them. Over time, you will find that negative self talk becomes less common.

4. Find a community that fits for you.

Go to classes at different times of day or try different ones. You will find that each group has a different vibe. Check out different groups until you find the perfect instructor for you and a class that just feels like you fit there. Finding a friend to come to classes with you can help with accountability and help you look forward to every class.

5. Go slowly and gently.

If you have been away from yoga for a while or if you had to stop for a bit because of an injury, your strength and flexibility levels may not be where they were before. Take time and do not push hard so that you do not sustain an injury.

Always remember that each day is a new chance to start building healthy, sustaining habits. Step into a beginner, intermediate or advanced yoga class at Yoga Core Fit today.

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