Choosing the Best Barre Class for Your Health and Fitness Goals

Barre Pilates classes have gained popularity in recent years, and with good reason. Barre Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise for building strength, flexibility, endurance and toning your entire body. Barre Pilates can best be described as Pilates that has been infused with various elements of ballet and other dance. It’s a complete body workout that leaves you feeling stronger, leaner and more energetic.

Unlike other forms of exercise, it can be difficult to learn Barre Pilates and develop an effective routine without the guidance of an instructor, especially if you’re just starting out. The only problem is that there are many types of Barre classes available and if you’re relatively new to the Barre philosophy, it can be difficult to know which class is the best fit for your fitness level and desired outcome.

To help you find the perfect Barre class, here is some information about 3 different types of popular Barre classes and what they offer.

Barre Bootcamp

If you want to get in shape fast and are willing to put in the work to make it happen, then Barre Bootcamp is the class for you. Barre Bootcamp features high intensity interval training using the ballet Barre approach. With a bootcamp class, you can expect plenty of lunges and squats along with planks to tone and sculpt your body.

It is always encouraged that you move along with the class at a pace that challenges your body but doesn’t put excessive stress on your muscles or cardiovascular system. Barre Bootcamp is best suited for individuals that have a moderate level of physical fitness and feel comfortable challenging themselves. If you’re looking for an introductory class that will ease you into Barre fitness, you might want to start off with either Barre Cardio or Barre Core before you take on the challenge of the bootcamp.

Barre Cardio

Barre Cardio is a class that is designed to get your heart pumping. This class features ballet Barre that has been infused with some of the high intensity aspects of the Barre Bootcamp to raise your heart rate and build up a sweat. Unlike other forms of cardio exercise, Barre Cardio is unique in how the movements not only increase cardio output, but also work to increase flexibility and strength.

Barre Cardio is a great class option for those who are ready to get moving, start sweating, and leave the studio with a glow that will last the whole day through.

Barre Core

Barre Core is one of the best Barre classes for anyone who wants to focus in on strengthening their core and toning their abs. While this class does feature some cardio elements, the routine is built primarily around floor work that targets the core. A strong core is essential from a health perspective, especially for reducing the risk of injury from physical exercise. This class is the perfect option for those who want to target their core and focus on strength building through Barre movements.

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