Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

lose weight with yoga

Busy lives often mean that we don’t dedicate as much attention as we should to getting enough exercise and eating the right foods. Many of us try diets, only to gain the weight back again as soon as we return to old habits. To take excess weight off and stay healthy, we need a consistent lifestyle change. Yoga can be an important ingredient in the changes that can help us get to a healthy weight, increase our energy levels and feel much better.

Despite its gentle nature, with slow stretching and deliberate breathing, yoga has excellent potential to help you burn the calories needed to lose weight. On average, you can burn anywhere from 180 to 360 calories for every hour spent engaged in your practice. The calorie level you burn will depend on the type of yoga class you are taking. Power yoga styles like vinyasa and yoga fusion workouts can give you the best calorie burning boost.

No matter which style of yoga you choose, you get the benefit of deep breathing techniques. These help boost the performance of your lymphatic system, helping your body work more efficiently. This breathing also helps with stress relief and can help cut down on stress hormones like cortisone. People who suffer from chronic stress also use calories inefficiently. They are more likely to gain weight or to have trouble losing weight. When you are feeling more calm and centered, your body is able to metabolize the foods you eat the way that it should.

Another benefit that you take from any yoga class is a greater sense of focus and awareness. When you are fully present in your life, it is easier to make healthy choices. Consider the difference between absentmindedly grazing while you work and deliberately cooking and savoring a well-balanced and healthy meal. When you are more tuned into your body, you are more aware of the sluggish feeling that fast food or heavy meals can give you and how much better you feel when you choose lean proteins, whole grains and other nourishing foods instead.

Yoga is not just an exercise system. It is a mind and body connection that allow you to be more present and deliberate in your life. Sign up for a class yoga in Vacaville studio today. We have classes available for people at all skill levels and classes that can help you move toward any of your health and wellness goals.

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