Buti Yoga vs. Traditional Yoga

Just about everybody in the fitness world knows the standard tenets of traditional yoga. It’s about meditation, balance, focus and strengthening the core, all of which are good things, but most of which are quite different from the recent Buti Yoga craze that has fallen upon us here at YogaCoreFit. Both are completely viable fitness options for those looking to get into shape, but to say that Buti Yoga is anything like its traditional counterpart would be quite far from the truth.

Five Major Differences Between Buti Yoga and Traditional Yoga

Someone could watch a Buti Yoga workout and know immediately that it was entirely unlike anything they’ve ever ever seen before. The following are some of the major differences between it and traditional yoga:

Plyometrics Aren’t Part of Traditional Yoga

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two yoga forms is in the rigor. While traditional yoga has no qualms about making people sweat, its asanas are low-impact, while Buti Yoga works in higher-impact plyometrics to go along with some variations on traditional asanas. It even includes some aspects of dance, making it a more rigorous workout that burns calories and fat in different ways than the traditional version.

Buti Yoga is More Cardio-Intensive

An obvious side effect of the increased vigor is that Buti Yoga is a more cardio-intensive exercise, meaning it does more to get the heart pumping than the more stationary traditional yoga classes. For those looking for a new exercise program that encourages cardio, Buti Yoga could be an excellent consideration.

The Core-Toning Focus is Different

Yoga in all its forms tends to focus on those core muscles that serve as a sort of muscular hub for the rest of the body, but Buti Yoga approaches these muscles through the Spiral Structure Technique, which tend to rotate the spine, where traditional yoga accomplishes those strengthening exercises through more linear movements.

The Philosophy of Buti Yoga Centers Around Self-Confidence

The word “Buti” roughly translates to, “a secret remedy or curse,” in large part because this exercise is meant to boost practitioners’ self-confidence. Those who partake in this tend to celebrate their self-image by wearing more freeing clothing, not only to champion their bodies but to allow for the activity’s massive range of movements. If traditional yoga is about inner peace and meditation, Buti Yoga is about confidence and self-esteem.

Buti Yoga is More Fun!

Plain and simple, Buti Yoga is more entertaining and energetic than its traditional sibling. The music is faster, louder, and peppier, while the movements themselves go beyond simply holding poses and move toward an all-out dance party at times. It’s a youthful, vibrant way to celebrate the human body, and that high energy makes it a legitimately fun activity.

If you are interested in signing up for a Buti Yoga course, contact us here at YogaCoreFit and we’d be happy to introduce you to this exciting new take on an incredibly popular exercise. All it takes is one class to fall in love with it, so get yourself into one of those classes today and give it a try for yourself!

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