Why Is Yoga Loved By So Many Celebrities?

Society in general pays a great deal of attention to the lives and habits of celebrities. Social media has made it incredibly easy to keep up with the day to day happenings of our favorite celebrity personalities. While celebrity life comes with its fair share of drama, it’s always refreshing when those in the spotlight choose to use their star power in a positive way.

In recent years, there has been a trend of celebrities who have made their passion of yoga well known. Who are the celebrities who’ve had the loudest voices in speaking out about the benefits of yoga and why do so many celebrities include regular yoga practice in their routines? Let’s take a look.

Celebrities and Yoga

It’s been more than a few years since celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston proclaimed their devotion to yoga to the world. Since then, many A-listers have been added to the list of people with star power that have publicly announced that Yoga has become an important part of their lives.

Adam Levine, who recently performed during the Super Bowl halftime show, has in the past credited yoga for his sculpted physique, while Lady Gaga centers herself with yogic practice that focuses on compassionate thought.

With so many other celebrities like, Pink, Gisele Bundchen, Sting, Jeremy Piven and Madonna among the ranks of celebrities who avidly love yoga, it’s impossible to wonder about the allure of yoga and whether regular practice would be a good fit for your own life.

Benefits of Yoga

It’s easy to look at beautiful celebrities and associate the benefits of yoga with their outward appearance. But what benefits can yoga provide for the average person who doesn’t have the benefit of a personal trainer and dietician at their disposal?

The American Osteopathic Association outlines the many mental and physical benefits that regular yoga practices provides. For instance, they make note of benefits such as increased flexibility, increased muscle tone, balanced metabolism, weight reduction, cardiovascular health, and improved athletic performance.

Signing up for a yoga class also provides incredible mental benefits. Yoga has been shown to neutralize the effects of stress on the body, including the physical manifestations of stress, such as sleep disturbances, headaches and neck or shoulder pain. Those who regularly practice or attend yoga classes also report feeling a greater sense of calm, focus and an overall more positive outlook on their lives.

Maybe you’ve looked at celebrities who practice yoga, noticed their seemingly perfect bodies and thought that yoga isn’t for you. The fact is there are so many different forms of yoga that anyone, regardless of their age, fitness level or health goals can benefit from regular practice. Yoga really is for everyone.
Practicing yoga won’t make you a celebrity, but there is definitely something we can learn from those who have made their passion for yoga known to the world. Yoga is healing, therapeutic and helps to build a healthy, strong body. If you’re interested in discovering yoga classes that fit your health and lifestyle needs, Yogacorefit offers yoga in Vacaville that can change your life. Connect with Yogacorefit today and discover the wonders of yoga for yourself.

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4 Ways That Mediation Helps Promote a Healthier Body and Mind

For many of us, finding just a few minutes during the day to relax or focus on self-care is a challenge. Most days it feels like you’re off and running as soon as your feet hit the floor, with little opportunity to slow down and take in the world around you. While this pace might seem necessary at the time, the constant movement and stress can take a toll on you. To avoid the stress, anxiety and health issues that accompany our modern lifestyle, it’s important that we learn how to become grounded and stay focused on what really matters.

Meditation is an amazing tool for helping you accomplish this.

It is suitable for everyone and contrary to what many people believe, it isn’t difficult to learn how to focus and center yourself through meditative practice. Each person’s journey through meditation is unique, and regardless of the amount of time you spend doing it or the style of meditative practice you choose, meditation can do amazing things for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Taking a Breather from Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common, everyday occurrences for many people. While a certain level of stress or anxiety can be completely normal in some situations, they can have a profound negative effect on your health if they become regular fixtures in your life.

Meditative practice helps to combat stress and anxiety in a number of ways. For instance, meditation can reduce the production of cortisol – also known as the stress hormone. Plus, learning how to center yourself and staying focused on the moment provides a new perspective that is often helpful in conquering anxiety.

Enhanced Self Awareness

The act of meditation can bring about greater self-awareness and help you learn more about yourself, others and how we’re all interconnected. We’re often too busy to take the time to stop and really notice what’s going on within ourselves and the world around us. Meditation can reconnect you with your center and facilitate self-discovery.

Improved Focus and Concentration

Meditation requires quiet focus and concentration – something that takes practice for many of us. The good news is that any work you put into focus and concentration during meditative practice carries over into the other areas of your life. In a sense, you’re training your mind on how to quiet down and eliminate distractions. This can carry over and have a positive effect on your professional or academic life, as well as at home.

Improved Sleep

If your mind becomes a raceway once you turn out the lights, meditation can help promote healthy sleep habits. Through meditation, you learn to clear away all the intrusive thoughts and worries and either let them go or place them somewhere else for safekeeping. The same approach at bedtime can help you fall asleep easier and prevent frequent waking.

Consider a Yoga Class

You might find that you can slip easily into a meditative practice on your own, or you might like to explore options such as yoga classes with a focus on meditative aspects. At Yogacorefit, we offer classes for meditation and yoga in Vacaville. Contact us to check out our class schedule and learn now Yogacorefit can be your partner in healing your mind, body and spirit.

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Choosing the Best Barre Class for Your Health and Fitness Goals

Barre Pilates classes have gained popularity in recent years, and with good reason. Barre Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise for building strength, flexibility, endurance and toning your entire body. Barre Pilates can best be described as Pilates that has been infused with various elements of ballet and other dance. It’s a complete body workout that leaves you feeling stronger, leaner and more energetic.

Unlike other forms of exercise, it can be difficult to learn Barre Pilates and develop an effective routine without the guidance of an instructor, especially if you’re just starting out. The only problem is that there are many types of Barre classes available and if you’re relatively new to the Barre philosophy, it can be difficult to know which class is the best fit for your fitness level and desired outcome.

To help you find the perfect Barre class, here is some information about 3 different types of popular Barre classes and what they offer.

Barre Bootcamp

If you want to get in shape fast and are willing to put in the work to make it happen, then Barre Bootcamp is the class for you. Barre Bootcamp features high intensity interval training using the ballet Barre approach. With a bootcamp class, you can expect plenty of lunges and squats along with planks to tone and sculpt your body.

It is always encouraged that you move along with the class at a pace that challenges your body but doesn’t put excessive stress on your muscles or cardiovascular system. Barre Bootcamp is best suited for individuals that have a moderate level of physical fitness and feel comfortable challenging themselves. If you’re looking for an introductory class that will ease you into Barre fitness, you might want to start off with either Barre Cardio or Barre Core before you take on the challenge of the bootcamp.

Barre Cardio

Barre Cardio is a class that is designed to get your heart pumping. This class features ballet Barre that has been infused with some of the high intensity aspects of the Barre Bootcamp to raise your heart rate and build up a sweat. Unlike other forms of cardio exercise, Barre Cardio is unique in how the movements not only increase cardio output, but also work to increase flexibility and strength.

Barre Cardio is a great class option for those who are ready to get moving, start sweating, and leave the studio with a glow that will last the whole day through.

Barre Core

Barre Core is one of the best Barre classes for anyone who wants to focus in on strengthening their core and toning their abs. While this class does feature some cardio elements, the routine is built primarily around floor work that targets the core. A strong core is essential from a health perspective, especially for reducing the risk of injury from physical exercise. This class is the perfect option for those who want to target their core and focus on strength building through Barre movements.

Sign up for a Class

Still can’t decide which Barre class is best for you? We’re here to answer your questions and connect you with the Barre class that will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Contact Yogacorefit to learn more about Barre fitness and sign up for a class today.

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Turn Your Workout Into A Party

There are few things better than spending time with great friends, but sometimes you think it would be nice if every now and then you could take a break from your standard lunch or wine dates or the monthly book club and try something new – bonus points if this something new supports your current health and fitness goals.

This is also true for those friends that are already part of your active lifestyle – like maybe the friends you take a run with every Saturday morning or the ones you meet at your workplace fitness center twice a week during lunch. Sometimes, you just want to try something new and fun with a group of people you enjoy being around that also nourishes your body as much as your spirit.

The next time you’re planning a day or night out with your friends, consider something entirely new – like a fitness party class designed especially for your group.

Fitness Party Class?

Granted, a few of your friends might think that combining fitness and a party is an impossible task. We’re here to tell you that not only can you gather some of your best friends to share a yoga class, but that you can also have an insane amount of fun doing it.

Customized party classes are held in the intimate environment of the studio’s party rental room. This isn’t just your typical rental room, but one that is designed with all the features you need to have a fitness-centered great time with your friends.

For example, some party rooms have disco lighting, black lights, amazing sound systems and laundry facilities so you can quickly wash the clothes you worked up a sweat in while you’re sipping on a post workout refresher and mingling with your friends.

Why Book a Party Class?

The list of reasons why booking a party class is great idea is practically endless. But if we had to sum it up, it would be that sharing in the experience is something that strengthens bonds, helps to keep everyone healthy and creates memories that won’t easily fade away. Also, if you’re lucky, your party class will be the first step to a lifelong commitment to focusing on healthy living with the people you enjoy spending time around.

While the focus here is primarily on strengthening friendships and trying new healthy activities together, it’s also worth noting that a workout party can be an interesting way to liven up an otherwise dull event – like a business or neighborhood meeting. Exercise helps to clear the cobwebs from you head, gives you an instant boost of energy and has a magical way of fostering teamwork. A yoga class followed by a brainstorming session can be the perfect solution for inspiring truly innovative thinking within a group environment.

Would you like to know more about booking a party class for your group? Our trained instructors will help tailor a class to your group and create an experience that you’ll enjoy. Contact Yogacorefit today to learn more about our party options, including private Pilates and yoga classes.

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How to Start and Stick to a Workout Routine in 2019

With the start of each new year, many of us take on a new, fresh perspective about our health. The new year is the perfect time for a fresh start and to refocus on making yourself a priority. We also know that even with the best of intentions, the responsibilities of daily life seem to find a way to sneak in and sabotage your best efforts.

Fortunately, we know a little secret – the key to maintaining success with your fitness goals throughout the year is by developing and committing to a workout routine as early in the new year as possible. This is the year that you’re going to make your health and wellness a priority, so here are few tips to help you establish a regular workout routine in 2019.

Working Out Isn’t Selfish

Before we start talking about things like how to fit a regular workout into your already busy schedule, we need to get one thing straight – taking the time to exercise on a regular basis, no matter what type of exercise it is, is never selfish.

Our society tends to respect people who are constantly pushing themselves to the limit and taking care of everyone else before they take care of themselves. If you really want to stick to your fitness commitment, you need to start by recognizing that the better you take care of yourself, the more equipped you’ll be to take care of everything else – from both a physical and a mental standpoint.

Try Something New

Have you always wanted to try a certain style of yoga or maybe sign up for a beginning barre class? If your answer is yes, why haven’t you? Trying something new is a great way to get you excited and energized about your new commitment to working out.

You might love it, or maybe not so much, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Plus, each time you try something new, you learn more about yourself and how to nurture and strengthen your body in a way that feels natural.

Don’t Leave It Up to Chance

The surest way to commit a regular workout routine in 2019 is to schedule it in like you would any other important activity. For instance, if you’re planning on just getting up a little early and doing some stretching in the morning, you’re plans are going to crumble the first time a really hectic Monday morning rolls around. One missed workout leads to another and the next thing you know, you’re off track.

Would you skip a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting because you just didn’t feel like going? Probably not. So, schedule your workout for times when you know excuses won’t get in the way and stick to it like you would any other commitment.

Sign Up for a Class

Some of us like to work out on our own, while others enjoy the camaraderie of a class environment. If you’re the type that likes motivation, support and opportunity to meet new like-minded friends, we invite you to sign up for one of our classes. Contact Us at Yogacorefit today to learn more about our Pilates and yoga class schedules.

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Honoring Your Body with Yoga During Pregnancy

The body goes through a tremendous amount of changes during pregnancy, and after 9 months, it might be hard to remember what you felt like pre-pregnancy. With all these changes, it’s important to make health a priority – not just for a healthy pregnancy but also for the strenuous marathon of childbirth and the postpartum period.  Continue reading

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5 Simple, No-Excuse Ways of Making Time for Regular Workouts

Work, family obligations and a never ending to do list can make it difficult to find or prioritize even a little extra time for yourself. We’ve all been that person who just can’t find time for self-care. When schedules are tight, it’s almost always the fitness routine that gets sacrificed first.  Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why Flexibility Is Important for Your Health

Have you ever watched a young child play? It’s amazing how flexible their bodies are, and how they’re able to contort themselves into practically any position as they climb trees and playground equipment with ease? It can be hard to remember that most of us started out with that exact same level of flexibility, especially when it feels like every single muscle aches when you get out of bed in the morning.  Continue reading

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Healing Your Postnatal Body with Yoga

Pregnancy is a journey that completely transforms your body. After the nine months or so of gestating and creating a little human, the concept of reclaiming your body as your own and feeling normal again can seem inconceivable. Many women will attempt to jump right back into their pre-pregnancy workout routine in hopes of toning up and losing the pregnancy weight. But as any new momma can tell you, it’s something that’s much easier said than done.  Continue reading

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Creating a Yoga Environment In Your Home

It only takes doing yoga once or twice to realize how healing it can be for your body and your spirit. While regular yoga practice makes your body stronger, there are also multiple ways that it will support your emotional health as well. It only makes sense that you want to incorporate yoga into your life as regularly as possible.

The problem is that it isn’t always feasible to make a special trip to practice for a half hour, or maybe a session isn’t available when you want it. Does this mean that yoga will just have to wait for another day?

Absolutely not. You can create the perfect yoga sanctuary in your own home. Here are a few tips for creating a yoga environment you’ll love.

Claiming Your Space

For do it yourself yoga at home to be a success, you need a dedicated space that’s free of distractions – both physical and emotional. Believe it or not, this is possible no matter how limited you are on space.

Ideally, it’s great if you have an entire room to set up as your personal yoga sanctuary. However, this isn’t an option for most people, so instead look for a small area that you can call your own. This might be an area in your bedroom, a corner of the main living space or even a spot on your patio or backyard.

Having a dedicated space is important for feeling connected to your home practice. Your space doesn’t need to be elaborate. The only requirements are that there is enough room for you to practice comfortably and safely, that you can do so with minimal distractions and that the area is free of any clutter that might distract you during your practice.

Adding the Right Elements

Think about how you want your yoga environment to feel. Most people find that light colors and natural sunlight help to instill a sense of peace and positive energy in their area. Including natural décor items like rocks, plants or naturally scented candles can provide a nice balance of energy in your space.

Also, keep everything that you’ll need for your yoga practice close by. This includes the obvious essentials like a mat and yoga accessories, but also other things like your favorite yoga music, extra towels or even a trinket or two that help you feel focused and peaceful.

Let the Energy Flow

With the right equipment, lighting and décor elements you can create a yoga environment that you love. However, there’s no reason to confine the peaceful energy of yoga to just one spot in your home. L.et the energy flow through your entire space by keeping yoga in mind as you create the atmosphere throughout your entire home. Decorate with light, peaceful colors and include as much nature as possible. Seek balance and serenity while keeping clutter at bay. Soon the energy of yoga will infuse your entire day.

Whether you’re new to yoga or someone who has been practicing for years, we feature classes that you’ll feel comfortable in. Come try out a session and learn more about living the yoga lifestyle, including building your own home yoga practice. Contact Yogacorefit today to learn more.

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