How to Return to Yoga in California After a Hiatus

If your fitness habits have gotten worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. Social distancing orders and quarantine habits have led to a worldwide decrease in physical activity over the last 6 months. What is even worse is that exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety, so reducing or quitting your workouts could have very negative effects on both your physical health and your mental wellbeing. The good news is that returning to yoga after a brief or extended hiatus is very easy! 


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Restarting Your Yoga Routine


Forgive Yourself

First of all, don’t engage in self-depreciation or judgment. Let go of the past and adopt a mantra of self-acceptance. Regardless of why your routine was upset in the first place, focus on how to make changes to your current circumstances to allow you to put aside the small amount of time that will provide the greatest impact on your well-being. If you’ve ever experienced the benefits of yoga, get ready to experience them anew! Returning to class after a hiatus will allow you to observe your body and muscle reactions in new ways. 

Overcome Your Obstacles

Look inward to consider the reasons you stopped doing yoga so that you can make a plan to do better this time around. If scheduling was an issue, be realistic about how much time you can commit to your other obligations. Sign up for a single yoga class to give yourself something to look forward to and also become part of a community that will keep you accountable and wonder where you are when you don’t show up. For those who are not particularly motivated to work out, recruiting a friend can make it a lot more fun! If your hiatus was at least partially financial, supplement your class time with some free classes available on our YouTube channel to help you improve your core strength and flexibility while lowering your stress levels. 


Start Slow

Remember that it’s okay to ease back into the process! If you are a former yogaholic who hasn’t been to class in a while, you might find positions that were once second nature are now a bit challenging. Instead of becoming frustrated with yourself, see this as an opportunity to focus on form and breathing and practice those meditation skills when stress begins to get the best of you. 


Try New Techniques

Depending on how long it has been since you last took yoga classes on a regular basis, your needs and interests may have changed. If you are now working from home instead of having a daily commute, you will need to work out different sets of muscles. Consider purchasing some yoga props to help you ease back into things, or try an approach such as aerial yoga that could be both more fun and less stressful for those with out-of-practice muscles. 


Learn From Your Hiatus

Life is full of learning opportunities. Use the process of returning to wellness as a lesson and a self-care module to keep you at your best. Be conscious of how your body and mind feel this time around and make sure to take the time to enjoy yourself. 


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Is Yoga Safe During Pregnancy in California?


pregnant woman practicing yoga


Pregnancy is an exciting time, but all of the advice you get can be overwhelming and often conflicting. There are many types of prenatal fitness classes aimed at helping pregnant women to stay active in a safe way. Whether you are already a yoga enthusiast or are just getting started, these guidelines will help make your practice safe for you and your growing baby. 

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Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga

Both pregnancy and childbirth can put a strain on your body and your mind. Yoga classes Vacaville help with both of these aspects. The poses themselves focus on flexibility and toning muscles, both of which are crucial at a time when your body is changing rapidly. Building and maintaining muscle tone helps to alleviate many of the most common aches and pains during pregnancy and may also make childbirth itself easier on the body. In addition to the actual poses and physical exercise, yoga emphasizes activities like breathing and meditation. These skills are invaluable in keeping calm and stress-free, especially in the later stages of pregnancy and early stages of childbirth, where focus is most important. Though group yoga classes promote togetherness and unity, the practice of yoga itself is an individual one that encourages each participant to go at their own pace and get to know their own bodies, which definitely comes in handy during labor.


Most women can benefit from prenatal yoga classes, but it is important to consult with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise program or fitness classes during pregnancy. Additionally, there are some things to consider when taking yoga classes in Vacaville.

  • If you are attending a regular yoga class rather than a prenatal yoga class, make sure that your instructor knows you are pregnant. A knowledgeable yoga instructor can help you decide which poses and activities are safe and beneficial.
  • Pay attention to the movements you do. Especially beginning in the second trimester, it is important to avoid asanas on the back as they restrict blood flow to the uterus. Bend forward from the hips to give space to the ribs and make breathing easier. Twisting poses should originate from the shoulders rather than the abdomen, and stretching should be kept to a minimum, never beyond what is comfortable.
  • Many poses can be modified for pregnancy using a chair to put less pressure on the belly. Avoid backbends, handstands, headstands, and poses that require balancing on one foot. Not only are these poses uncomfortable during pregnancy, but they present a larger risk of injury.
  • Avoid Bikram yoga as overheating can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women. 
  • Above all, always trust your instincts and listen to your body. An experienced yoga practitioner may be able to do certain poses with ease even during pregnancy, while someone just starting out may be less comfortable. Take breaks as needed and talk to your instructor and your doctor if you experience pain while doing yoga or after a workout. 


Prenatal Yoga Classes in Vacaville, CA

If you are pregnant, contact Yoga Core Fit today to get started on your prenatal yoga journey. 


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Basic Equipment Enhances Your Yoga In Vacaville Workouts

One of the best things about doing yoga is that it is simple to get started without a lot of fancy equipment. However, as you begin to practice more often and learn more yoga poses, there are certain items that allow you to take virtual yoga classes at home as well as to try some of the specialized types of yoga such as aerial yoga or barre pilates. 

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What Are The Basic Types Of Yoga Equipment? 


Yoga Mat

A yoga mat defines your physical space in group yoga classes and provides a good surface in which to practice yoga poses without worrying about slipping or sliding. Most yoga studios do have mats available to use for free or a small rental fee, but as soon as you commit to doing any type of yoga on a regular basis you will want to buy one that meets your specific preferences for  thickness, material, or size. When it comes to yoga mats, you generally get what you pay for, so it is a good idea to splurge in this area.


The beginning yoga poses are simple, but before long you will move on to some less-common positions including inverted poses, so your workout attire should take that into consideration. A few pairs of yoga tights or harem-style pants and sports bras for the ladies, shorts and form-fitting but breathable shirts for the men. If you have long hair, some cloth headbands or hair ties will keep it in place through any type of yoga pose. If you don’t want to do yoga barefoot, official yoga socks with grips are necessary. Affordable yoga clothes are available at many department stores and online retailers, but it is totally okay to treat yourself to some nicer stuff as well.

Yoga Strap

Flexibility is a major goal of yoga, and many poses will test your physical limits. A yoga strap extends the reach of your arms for poses where you may need to hold onto your feet. Barre pilates in particular makes use of a lot of these  types of movements, so if this is your favorite type of yoga, a strap is necessary. Most yoga studios do have straps to borrow for those difficult moves, but they are fairly inexpensive, so it makes sense to have your own.

Yoga Block

A yoga block is another item that helps with poses. In this case, the block makes it easier to achieve proper alignment in standing poses where your hands must touch the floor. If you are mostly doing virtual yoga classes at home, you probably have things around the house that can fill this purpose, but of course an official block will be a little cumbersome and easier to use, especially if you tend to do yoga outside or at a studio and don’t want to borrow or rent one.

Yoga Blanket

Yoga blankets are a very versatile piece of equipment that is also available to rent or borrow at most studios. They provide extra support during sitting poses and can be used to cover up when chilly. As with yoga blocks, you probably have a suitable blanket at home if you are practicing virtually, but many people would rather buy this inexpensive piece of equipment than borrow something other people regularly use in a shared space.

Ballet Barre

Obviously, Barre Pilates and other types of Barre classes use this piece of equipment. If you are taking classes solely at a yoga studio, there is absolutely no reason to buy your own barre. However, if you have decided to create a home yoga studio and wish to do barre-based yoga poses, you will want to purchase one of these.

Yoga Swing And Rigging

Aerial yoga has become quite popular among both beginner and advanced yogis. Most people who are just starting out take aerial yoga classes at a studio where they supply everything that is needed and your yoga instructor helps you safely rig your swing. However, if you are completely committed to doing aerial yoga on your own you will need a strong and durable but breathable silk swing and good, reliable rigging for the safest practice. A good yoga swing and rigging will not be cheap, but it is important to buy from a reputable seller. Ask your local yoga studio for recommendations.

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Yoga Vs. Pilates: What is Better For You In Vacaville, CA?

Both yoga and pilates are commonly offered in fitness studios and gyms around the world. Each offers participants of all levels an opportunity to strengthen their core and achieve greater strength, focus, and flexibility, yet there are also many differences between the two. Learn more about what each has to offer so you can select the one that is right for your goals and lifestyle.

YogaCoreFit offers barre pilates and yoga classes. View complete schedule of fitness classes in Vacaville.

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What Is Yoga?

The practice of yoga goes back over 2000 years, though it has obviously evolved a lot over time. Ancient yogis developed yoga as a complete spiritual practice with 8 limbs that were said to be the guide for living a meaningful life. Most modern yoga practitioners focus on asana, the third limb that teaches postures, though many yoga classes do also incorporate teachings from the other limbs as well. 

What Is Pilates?

Like yoga, pilates focuses on the connection between brain and body and concentrates on posture and flexibility. However, pilates is less spiritual and more physical, using breathing and exercises to achieve an optimal state of body and mind wellness through the application of 6 basic disciplines. There are some variations such as barre pilates that incorporate dance and more artistic movements, but generally speaking, pilates prioritizes precision and strength without bulk.

Core Differences Between Yoga And Pilates

With both pilates and yoga focusing on breathing and overall wellness over competition and bulking up, it is not surprising that they draw many of the same participants. However, though the two disciplines share some common beliefs, there are some differences in practice that will determine which is right for you:

  • Breathing: Though yoga and pilates both encourage participants to pay special attention to breathing, the methods are a bit different. Pilates uses breath as more of a technique while yoga sees it in a more meditative fashion.
  • Goals: Yoga practitioners tend to see it as an entire lifestyle, often incorporating more of the limbs into their daily activities. Some types of yoga like hot yoga do aim for more intensity, but usually the goal of a yoga class is a feeling of zen and peace. Though pilates can also help the mind, it is more often used as a form of physical rehabilitation. 
  • Movements: Pilates moves are shorter and less repetitive than yoga poses, which tend to be held for longer and used with more frequency. Yoga generally works the entire body where pilates focuses on powerhouse muscles. 
  • Equipment: Mat work is a part of both yoga and pilates, but pilates also uses a machine called a reformer to aid with workouts. Some forms of yoga, like aerial yoga, use special equipment like a swing and rigging, but for the most part, the items that aid yogis and yoginis are merely props to assist with poses or make participants more comfortable.
  • Spirituality: Because of their origins, yoga is a more meditative discipline whereas pilates is exercise-focused. Meditation is part of many yoga classes, a component not present in pilates instruction.


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How To Incorporate Yoga in Your Daily Routine in Vacaville

Woman in Vacaville garden doing a yoga pose

Yoga is something that has applications outside of the studio. Even when you’re not practicing yoga, you still can experience its benefits and use the principles throughout your daily life, from the little difficulties to the serious hardships. Here are some ways in which yoga can be applied to your life after you attend our yoga classes

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Deep Breathing

Yoga gets you to focus more on your breathing. Your instructor will teach you specific techniques to help you regulate your breathing. Most people who don’t take yoga don’t think about their breathing for the most part, but gaining breath control is useful in difficult situations. When you find yourself in a stressful moment, pay attention to your breath and slow it down to release tension and override those stress responses. 


Life requires a great deal of balance. It’s important to recognize how we navigate through life and that the decisions that we make often are a result of balance. Some choices are made from necessity and others because they give us enjoyment. We work hard and then spend time reaping the rewards or spending some fun time with loved ones. We worry about getting everything done in a day yet realize it’s necessary to get enough rest and let things be. 


Your virtual yoga teacher often will tell you to go deeper into a pose, depending on what it is. This is just as crucial in your daily interactions and tasks. Look beyond the surface in a tough situation that makes you frustrated and find the positive side to it, see how it fits into the big picture and move on with your day. 

Body Monitoring

During virtual yoga poses you need to feel out your body’s response and make adjustments so that you are challenging yourself while remaining comfortable. Our health improves when we pay close attention to our bodies. If you’re feeling a little run down or sick, tune into what’s going on with your physical self. Also, you’ll want to notice how you feel in different situations as tensing up when around certain people is a telltale sign that your interactions with them are less than favorable. Our bodies can tell us this even when our minds trick us into thinking we’re okay with certain things. 

Transforming You

During yoga practice, you will notice physical transformation but also some spiritual transformation. It may take longer and more work to make this happen but it’s a common effect of taking lessons. Learn as much as you can about yourself, your reactions, and how you interact with your surroundings in general. 

Classes That Adapt to Your Needs

Did you know that you can take virtual yoga classes? With YogaCoreFit, it’s not only a possibility, it’s a great option for situations when you can’t make it into our studio. Yoga classes that fit your schedule and budget are a wonderful thing. 

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What Is Aerial Yoga? A Vacaville Yogi Explains

Vacavile Yogi doing aerial yoga and inverted pose

Aerial yoga shares numerous similarities with traditional yoga. However, there are a few big differences to it and this style of yoga has its own benefits as well.  Before you go try out yoga in Vacaville, CA at the YogaCoreFit studio, it’s a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of what it’s all about. 

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What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is also known by the name anti-gravity yoga. When you’re in an aerial yoga class, you’ll be in a silk hammock that supports your body weight so that you’re suspended in mid-air, allowing you to do many of the same poses as in mat yoga, but without the obstacle of gravity. This style can be adapted for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. 

History of Aerial Yoga

The first known yogi to use ropes and suspension to achieve more difficult inversions was B. K. S. Iyengar in the 1990s, but aerial yoga did not catch on as its own discipline until the early 2000s. It was then that a group of fitness teachers got together to combine anti-gravity principles, fitness, yoga, dance, and acrobatics to help their students to achieve a higher level of flexibility and a greater variety of poses. Broadway dancer and gymnast yoga teacher Michelle Dortinac, Cirque du Soleil artist Carmen Curtis, and aerial dancer Rebekah Leach used their experiences from their individual disciplines to build and influence the early days of aerial yoga development and propel it to its current level of popularity. Since then, it’s grown to become popular in countries across the world where there are trainings to receive a license to teach anti-gravity yoga. Flying yoga has developed from this specialty as well and typically is done with the use of a simple belt instead of a hammock to help students get into the various yoga postures. 

Benefits of Doing Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga incorporates all of the principles of mat yoga and therefore provides the same benefits, but there are added advantages of using the hammocks and anti-gravity principles of flying yoga and aerial yoga. 

  • Relieves back pain: Generally, there is less pressure on your joints when in the hammock, making it a good option for those who find mat yoga too strenuous.  You won’t have any strain on your spine and this is a big plus for people who experience back pain. 
  • Greater flexibility: This yoga style gives you more range of motion, so you can safely stretch your tendons and muscles and have more space to move allowing you to do more postures than you would on the floor. 
  • Better control of your breathing: Breath control is a benefit of yoga that can be used in daily life. When you’re up in the air you can relax your body without restriction, and eventually, you should be able to improve your lung capacity. 
  • Improved Mood: Are you someone who has anxiety attacks or is going through a difficult time? With aerial yoga, you can be more at ease as you meditate and have more of a focus on the positive. When you’re inverted you should have increased energy, balance, and focus since blood will flow to your brain more and provide it with oxygen to improve your brain’s functioning. 
  • Burn calories: Aerial yoga combines many disciplines and uses several muscle groups, allowing you to burn calories without as much strain as seen in other workout methods. The wide variety of poses engage all of your muscles, building and strengthening your core. 
  • Allows for easier inversions: Inversions are a very beneficial part of practicing yoga, but they are inaccessible to many people for a variety of reasons. When gravity is removed from the equation, those who need assistance to achieve inversions in mat yoga can suddenly do them on their own, with the help of the hammock. Being able to suddenly do more difficult poses allows access to more of the benefits of yoga practice.

It can be intimidating the first time you take an anti-gravity yoga class but it is well worthwhile. Trust in us at the YogaCoreFit studio to help you feel more comfortable with aerial yoga in Vacaville, CA. Try a class today! 

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Vacaville yoga class

Yoga Classes In Vacaville Keep You Motivated

Making a commitment to get more fit is the first step to a healthier lifestyle, but many people find it difficult to follow their workout schedule in the long-term. Life’s commitments often lead people to skip one workout, then a second, until they find themselves doing physical activity only once in a while, if at all. Others find it difficult to set up a routine on their own and get frustrated before they see any real results. When the methods of exercise are not fun, it is easy for other more sedentary activities to seem more inviting. The reasons for giving up on your workout goals are endless, but sticking with it might be easier than you think. Choosing Yoga Core Fit for yoga classes in Vacaville helps you to work out with professionals and peers in a fun and encouraging environment. 

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Attend Classes on a Frequent Basis

It’s ideal to visit a studio or fitness center often as part of your exercise regimen. If you can make it to one or two classes each week that is a great start. A slow and simple yoga class is a good idea if you’re a beginner to intermediate at this exercise type. If you’re a bit more on the advanced side, you might consider giving aerial yoga classes a chance. 

When you take aerial yoga, the major difference is that you’re suspended above the floor/ground. This usually involves the use of aerial silks. You do many of the same poses as with regular yoga yet you use something to support your weight. This provides the benefit of improving your flexibility and in many instances it’s easier to get into the poses since you don’t have gravity working against you as much. A yoga swing or hammock also can be used and if you have the means you can purchase one for your home to continue this practice on your own schedule. Though many hardcore yogis turn to aerial yoga to master more advanced poses, this can also be a great choice for those with physical limitations or disabilities, as the absence of gravity can help with flexibility and endurance.

Ballet Barre Exercises from True Professionals

Ballet may seem like the farthest thing from yoga, and it may not sound particularly exciting to many modern exercises, but the barre adds a level of novelty that helps new and experienced gym goers alike to add variety to their workout routines. Using the barre during exercise classes allows for stretching and moving that incorporates much of the same types of practice as doing yoga with a different twist. For many people who struggle with motivation, the addition of the barre makes it seem more like dancing, which seems like more fun than exercising. Fitness classes allow you to simply follow the instructions of professionals, taking away the planning factor and allowing you to just focus on having a good time among your peers. Some of the benefits of taking ballet barre pilates is that you’ll strengthen and lengthen your muscles as well as flatten your stomach and shape your thighs. Work on your core muscles by attending these sessions often. Keep to a schedule and you’re sure to see fast results in body and mind. 

Try A Class Today

Have fun, learn something new, and see lasting benefits to your mind and body when you get into a regular exercise routine. Yoga Core Fit instructors can give you the support to do this and feel great about it. Reach out with questions and to see how you can sign up for classes. 

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Why You Should Practice Yoga In Vacaville for Stress Relief

Stress Relief from Attending Yoga in Vacaville

There is no shortage of stress in today’s busy world. As people struggle to juggle families, work, and personal obligations, it is not uncommon to find oneself in need of some serious stress relief. Though yoga has been around for 5000 years, it has seen a surge in popularity over the last several decades, with classes available in nearly every part of the world as well as via home DVDs and streaming services. Taking yoga classes in Vacaville from Yoga CoreFit is sure to help you get back to feeling like your natural self with more peace and vitality. 
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There is no shortage of stress in today’s busy world. As people struggle to juggle families, work, and personal obligations, it is not uncommon to find oneself in need of some serious stress relief. Though yoga has been around for 5000 years, it has seen a surge in popularity over the last several decades, with classes available in nearly every part of the world as well as via home DVDs and streaming services. Taking yoga classes in Vacaville from Yoga CoreFit is sure to help you get back to feeling like your natural self with more peace and vitality. 

Taking a Break with Yoga Classes

Without any intervention, anxiety can take over your life and begin to affect not just your mental outlook, but your physical health as well. A regular yoga practice helps you to create a viable  way to let off some steam. This may involve going to a physical studio to take yoga classes from an instructor or you can take online lessons as long as the steps and poses are clearly defined and demonstrated. 

It is important to have a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Having a space that’s set apart from the mundane everyday has a good impact on your mental health and overall well-being. This is a crucial part of self-care, a way to show yourself that you’re worthy of having some time  to do something for your health. Many yoga practitioners report that the longer they practice, the greater the sense of enjoyment and fulfillment they experience.

Mental Health Benefits of Going to Yoga in Vacaville

if you have been experiencing stress. It will be very beneficial to visit a yoga studio or sign up for an online class. The act of going through each slow pose and using intention in your breathing is ideal to slow down your body processes and keep your mind from racing thoughts. At first, you may experience difficulty getting yourself to relax, unwind, and break away from your everyday worries. However, an integral part of yoga is learning how to stay in the moment and it does become easier to do this the more that you practice.  

Breathwork is another aspect of yoga that is tied to mental health. When you pay attention to how you inhale and exhale and the effects your breath has on your body, your focus begins to shift. Soon, you will be able to make use of breathwork even when you are not actively doing yoga. As you notice yourself becoming anxious or uneasy, you will be able to make use of these techniques,  lowering your adrenaline and stress levels almost immediately. 

Vacaville Yoga Classes from Trusted ProfessionalsIf you live or work in Vacaville and surrounding areas, it is easy to register for a lesson from a yoga in Vacaville instructor. You can rely on our yoga teachers to show you the poses and teach you the philosophy in a safe, comfortable manner and atmosphere. Contact us today with your questions – we hope to hear from you soon.
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Consider Yoga If You Suffer From Anxiety in Vacaville

There is no universal cure for anxiety, and those who suffer from it have a hard time enjoying life to its fullest. Because of its focus on breathing, relaxation, and overall wellness, many people with anxiety find relief in yoga. In this article, we will break down on healing both body and mind to boost your overall wellbeing. 

Ready to start taking control of your mental health in Vacaville?

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Yoga for Better Mental Health

The practice of doing yoga helps with many aspects of mental health, including depression and just plain everyday stress. It’s no wonder that it also is good for people who have anxiety issues. This is because it is a type of integrative exercise that makes it possible to gain more peace in your mind and body. When this happens, you are able to relax more and better manage your stress. 

Breathwork Is Important

While you’re doing yoga, it’s crucial that you conduct proper breathing. This breath control works to quiet your mind and helps to control your body. Working with your breath activates certain parts of your brain that regulate endorphins and boost your ability to focus and think more clearly. It also helps when it comes to regulating your moods. 

Meditation During Yoga

Yoga teachers guide you through a form of meditation as you go through the poses. This is also possible when you’re practicing yoga solo at home. You may like to set an intention, or just focus on each of the individual poses and what they mean to you. Meditation gets your mind to relax and be more in the present moment without judgment of every little thing. This is a great goal to have in life in general.  

Make It a Habit

It is in your best interest to set a routine for your daily life. When you know what to expect and continue to do something that brings you many benefits like yoga does, it’s sure to help a great deal. Put your trust in the process whether you attend regular yoga classes near Fairfield, have private yoga sessions, or practice in the comfort of your home. It will help you develop strength in mind and a sense of purpose which certainly relieves anxiety. 

Styles of Yoga for Stress

There are a large variety of yoga styles that each have different intensities. One of the best for stress management appears to be hatha yoga, which involves slower, easier movements. You won’t have to worry about being especially in shape to do any wild contortions with your body. Others that should be of some benefit include restorative yoga, yoga nidra, viniyoga, and kundalini yoga. 

Yoga classes in Vacaville are a great way to start feeling better about yourself and your life. Sign up today to begin your journey away from anxiety and toward enlightenment! 

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How to Decide if Aerial Yoga is Right For You in Vacaville

Yoga has increased significantly in popularity over the last 50 years or so, and with good reason. In addition to improving flexibility and muscle tone, yoga is also used either alone or alongside other activities to reduce stress and improve energy. As more people jump on the yoga bandwagon, new approaches have emerged, combining the basic yoga poses with meditation, dance, and other physical activities and hobbies. Aerial yoga is an approach that uses a hammock or silks to add a new and modern layer to an ancient art. 

Ready to try a yoga class in Vacaville?

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What Is Aerial Yoga?

The most obvious difference between aerial yoga and regular yoga is that you are suspended in the air. This is done with the use of something called a Harrison hammock, named after its inventor, choreographer Christopher Harrison. Yoga was a natural extension of Harrison’s acrobatic dance troupe’s workouts, and it has since caught on to the mainstream. The silk hammocks are suspended about 3 feet from the ground, holding up to 2000 pounds of weight and force. Just like other forms of yoga, aerial yoga takes many approaches, but there are some common threads and universal benefits.

Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

Good For Beginners 

Though flying through the air on a yoga swing sure looks complicated, the suspension actually makes several poses easier to achieve, especially supported inversions like handstands. Without gravity working against you, there are a lot more options without putting unnecessary strain on your body

Improved Flexibility

Another big advantage of practicing anti-gravity yoga is that the hammock simultaneously provides the support and freedom needed to aid in relaxation and help your body to reach new positions

Builds Upper Body Strength

The act of holding onto the hammock during poses engages your arms, shoulders, and abs more than doing the same poses on the ground. Those with chronic back pain or shoulder and neck tension may find they are able to achieve more advanced upper body workouts due to the hammock opening up tight areas.

More Motivation

Let’s face it, workout routines can get boring when you have been doing them for a while. Flipping upside down is not an opportunity most people get very often, so you may find yourself more excited for your yoga classes.

Deeper Yoga Experience

With the use of the swing as a prop, many experienced yogis find that aerial yoga deepens their practice on both a physical and spiritual level, as they are able to achieve new poses and reach a deeper level of relaxation and a more complete meditative state. 

Is Aerial Yoga Dangerous?

Taking aerial yoga classes from a qualified instructor at a reputable fitness studio is generally a low-risk activity. The Harrison Hammock may seem intimidating, but it is actually a very way for many people with chronic back pain or other mobility limitations to take an active role in the yoga process. As with any fitness activity, you should talk to your doctor before beginning aerial yoga, especially if you have heart disease, glaucoma, or define spinal problems, as anti-gravity yoga can exacerbate these conditions. 

Are You Ready To Fly?

Whether you are brand new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, aerial yoga classes in Vacaville will help you soar. Sign up today to give a try!

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