Best Aerial Yoga Moves for Stress Relief

Many people think of aerial yoga as an acrobatic and highly athletic practice. However, it can be one of the most relaxing yoga styles, as it allows you to sink more deeply into poses and enjoy practice without pressure on the parts of your body that come into contact with the mat. Looking for stress relief? Put emphasis on these poses and strategies to get the most out of your aerial yoga practice:

1. Deep breathing.

Yogic breathing, known as pranayama, plays a huge part in yoga’s soothing nature. Your breathing should be deep and even as you go through each pose. The key is to keep the intensity at a level where you do not have to breathe hard or hold your breath. Keep under that level of exertion and focus on your breathing throughout the class.

2. Cross position.

This position involves letting your hammock support your upper back while you lean back and spread your arms wide. This position is great for stretching tense back muscles that have been hunched while you work all day. It opens the chest and shoulders, allowing tension to flow away.

3. Star inversion.

Many people are nervous about inverted poses when they first start aerial yoga. There is no reason to worry; you are not very far above the mat and are securely supported by the strength of the hammock. In the star inversion, your waist is supported by the hammock while your arms and legs spread open. This position relieves pressure on the spine, leading to excellent back pain relief. Like other inversions, it helps calm and center your mind, which can push stress and intrusive thoughts away.

4. Bridge pose.

In both floor-based and aerial yoga, this is an excellent pose for relieving the tension you carry in the muscles in your back and neck. While being supported by your lower back, arch your back and let gravity help. This stretch is credited with relieving headaches that are caused by tension. Relax fully and extend so that you get the full benefit of this pose.

5. Aerial lunges.

Are standard lunges sometimes rough on your knees? Aerial lunches provide support and allow you to get a deep, full lower body stretch. Stand close to your mat so that you can easily slide one leg into the U of your hammock, keeping the other leg at the center of your mat with your toes pointing forward. From there, gently lean into the lunge to stretch your quads and your hip flexors. Repeat with the other side. You’ll find that the tension you hold there dissipates and you will experience less pain and tightness after.

Regular practice leads to better flexibility and lower levels of stress. you use a break from your hectic day? Add an aerial yoga class to your schedule. We offer classes throughout the week at times that work for you. Sign up and schedule some relaxation today.

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