Benefits of Aerial Yoga

benefits of aerial yogaAerial yoga is one of the fastest growing yoga styles. This style of yoga is practiced on hammocks or silks a few inches above the ground. Besides allowing you the exhilaration of swinging freely and living out your childhood dreams, it has a number of benefits that make it a great addition to your yoga practice.

1. Relieving compression.

Some poses, such as inversions, can lead to painful pressure when performed on the ground. You may wind up with pinched nerves or stress on joints. When these same poses are performed in a yoga hammock instead, you have the freedom from pressure that allows you to gain the full benefit from each pose.

2. Improving balance and flexibility.

Aerial yoga gives you more freedom of movement. This can allow you to move more deeply into each pose, gradually increasing your level of flexibility. And, adapting to the freedom of the yoga hammock will help you gain more body awareness and build balancing skills. Balance and flexibility are the two qualities that matter most for maintaining good physical abilities as you age, so developing them at any stage can have lifelong benefits.

3. Relieves back pain.

Most of us suffer from some back pain at one point or another. When you hang freely on a yoga hammock, it eases tension in your hip joints and in your spine. Between this, the gentle stretching and the strength-building benefits, you are likely to see a substantial improvement in any back pain.

4. Increases your strength.

Aerial yoga gets gravity working on your side to add some body-weight resistance and increase your strength. You will find that this is a great cross training exercise. The increased core strength you get from aerial yoga will carry over into your other athletic endeavors and into your daily life.

5. Appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners.

While the acrobatics you see performed up high during shows take a great deal of time to master, there are poses and exercises for any level of physical condition. Hammocks can withstand up to 2000 pounds of weight and so are perfect even for people who are trying to lose some weight. Talk to your trainer about your level of experience when you start.

By adding aerial classes to your yoga practice at our Vacaville studio, you will find that they enhance your skills in other styles and that the benefits carry over into your day to day life. If you are ready to add some new excitement to your routine, check out our calendar to find an aerial class.

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