Beating Sciatica In Vacaville: How Meditation and Yoga Help

Sciatica, a spinal issue that can be attributed to several underlying causes, is estimated to affect between 10% to 40% of the adult population. The pain can vary in intensity, but many who suffer from the condition report that the pain can reach debilitating levels. Despite the common incidence of the condition, modern medicine is woefully inadequate when it comes to treating the symptoms that plague its sufferers.

Physicians often encourage patients who suffer from sciatica or similar nerve pain to pursue complementary treatments while they work on finding the causes and potential cures for these conditions. In recent years, many sciatica patients have turned to yoga in their quest for relief, and the results are very promising! As pain patients are being turned away from traditional medical practices at an increasing rate due to the opioid crisis, those who have chronic spinal issues are learning about new ways to manage pain.

Developing a routine that incorporates yoga, stretching, and a healthy dose of mindfulness meditation has proven to be effective in both managing pain and improving the function of affected areas. A recent study conducted by the Osteopathic Institute of America revealed improvements for 89% of study participants who were educated in the basics of mindfulness meditation and attended yoga classes for a period of six weeks or longer.

Get started with yoga and pilates today to start feeling better.

Yoga Poses for Sciatica

It’s crucial that you learn what type of poses are ideal for your particular health issues. For example, people who have severe lower back pain may wear a supportive brace and sit in a chair (at least to start) while doing yoga. They would avoid any poses in which they’re needing to bend and stretch their lower back. There are many variations of yoga that seem to help those with mobility concerns. Ballet barre pilates is particularly well-suited to the task of improving flexibility and core strength, while aerial yoga removes the obstacle of gravity, allowing for certain positions to be achieved more easily. Yoga sequences have been created by instructors to allow for ease of movement, going slowly through the poses that are geared towards practitioners with sciatica and similar conditions. 

How to Get Started With Yoga In Vacaville

If those benefits sound like something you’ve been craving, don’t let inexperience or doubt stop you from giving these techniques a chance to help improve your life. If you’ve never attended a yoga class in your life, Yoga Core Fit specializes in introducing novices to the joys of self-care through these ancient practices. 

In the age of COVID, which has limited occupancy in gyms and studios, or just plain caused a shutdown, Vacaville yoga is unique among fitness and healing modalities because it requires no large special equipment and can be practiced virtually anywhere. The staff at the Yoga Core Fit studio boasts a litany of credentials in physiology, health, meditation instruction, and adapting yoga techniques to accommodate, or target, specific issues or conditions.

We are now able to offer our full schedule of yoga classes virtually, so you can participate from home while maintaining social distancing. These classes are offered at almost half the cost of our regular studio classes – there’s never been a better time to start your yoga journey!

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