Barre Fitness: What It Is & Why It’s So Good for Your Body

You’ve been looking at that Barre class on the schedule of your favorite yoga studio for months now but have yet to take the plunge and sign up. Barre fitness isn’t exactly new, but it has more recently begun showing up as a regularly offered class in many studios. This has a lot of people, including you, becoming more curious about what Barre fitness is, along with the benefits it offers. 

What Is Barre?


Barre can best be described as a hybrid fitness model. It combines the movements of pilates, ballet, and sometimes yoga. Many movements include the use of a ballet barre, hence the name. Barre provides a workout that builds both strength and flexibility through classical dance moves combined with Pilates stretches and movements. 


Isometrics is what’s behind the results you’ll achieve with a regular Barre fitness routine. This makes it a great option for building core strength and hitting all the typical “trouble” spots – like the glutes and thighs. While it can be adapted to various fitness levels, Barre is often more strenuous than expected. However, with a regular commitment, Barre has the potential to completely sculpt and redefine your body. 


Benefits of Barre


There’s no doubt about it, Barre will make you work up a sweat, and you’re going to feel the results the next day – in a good way. Are the results of Barre fitness worth the investment of your time and sweat? You bet! Here are a few of the top benefits of Barre. 


Your Core Will Become a Powerhouse of Strength


Many fitness experts agree that Barre is one of the best core workouts you can do. The isometric movements help target smaller muscles that often get overlooked in other types of core building exercises. Skip the crunches and head to your local Barre class instead. 


Barre Helps You Stand Tall


Because Barre helps build core strength, it also improves your posture – which is important for preventing a range of spine and back related injuries. A stronger core can even help prevent your shoulders from slumping over while sitting at your desk, which means less neck and shoulder tension at the end of the workday. 


Increased Flexibility


The movements of Pilates are known for increasing flexibility all throughout the body. When these movements are combined with Barre exercises, the boost in flexibility is even more noticeable. We focus a lot on muscle strength and fat loss when talking about fitness, but flexibility is arguably more important than either of them. Flexibility provides your body with the range of motion it needs to grow stronger, and a more flexible body is less prone to exercise or sports related injuries. 


Discover the Benefits of Barre for Yourself Today

Barre fitness is a low impact exercise that provides incredible benefits to your health. It’s also easily adaptable to your current fitness level, so it’s something that can evolve with you as you become healthier and stronger. We’d love to introduce you to Barre fitness and help you become your healthiest, strongest self. Contact Yogacorefit and sign up for a Barre fitness class today.

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