Is Ballet Barre Pilates Right for You?

ballet barre pilates

Ballet Barre Pilates

If you’ve never taken advantage of Pilates, you should know you are missing out. Fortunately, though, no matter how old you are, Pilates can still be of benefit. There are many types of Pilates, so you’ll want to speak with a local instructor to determine which type is best for you. Since some types are more physical and challenging than others, you also want to get it cleared with your physician to take part in the type of Pilates you want to try. Here’s a close look at Ballet Barre Pilates and whether or not it’s right for you.

What is Ballet Barre Pilates?

As you might have guessed, Ballet Barre Pilates was created by a ballerina. The equipment used in this type of Pilates is the same that ballet professionals use — the ballet barre. Most of the moves performed in Ballet Barre Pilates are based on classical ballet moves; however, there is lots of conditioning in this form of Pilates when compared to other types. The creator of this form of Pilates incorporated rehabilitative therapy into the positions, making it perfect for those who are healing from back injuries.

If you can’t dance or perform ballet moves as of now, there’s no need to fret. Many people who can’t dance have taken advantage of Ballet Barre Pilates. It’s all about practice and experience. The more you practice, the better you will get. Most barre classes are fairly similar in nature, regardless of who the instructor is. A warm up performed on your mat will likely include planks and push-ups, and then you’ll move onto doing arm exercises. Once you are ready to go to the bar, you’ll perform moves that strengthen your lower body, including your thighs and glutes. Core-focused moves are usually performed before your cool-down.

How does this form of Pilates differ from other types of exercise?

When you take part in a Ballet Barre Pilates, you’ll be doing moves that are considered isometric. The moves are performed in tiny increments, with the most common saying in a Ballet Barre Pilates class being “down an inch, now up an inch.” You won’t be performing squats or shoulder presses, but still yet, you’ll be greatly improving your strength.

You may not notice much of an improvement after your first couple classes of Ballet Barre Pilates, but by your fourth or fifth session, you should. The strength improvement won’t be astronomical, but it will increase with each class you partake in, and by the time you’ve been doing Pilates for several months, your body and mind should feel much healthier.

To learn more about Ballet Barre Pilates, as well as other types of Pilates and yoga, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a Vacaville professional instructor today.

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