Why Balance and Flexibility Pay

Aerial yoga, like other yoga practices, offers a wealth of benefits. It helps you relax. It can battle pain and muscle tension. It can help you become stronger and more fit. It also has a benefit that can keep you safer now and as you age: increased balance and flexibility.

Doctors consider these two of the most important physical skills for both athletes and older adults. Balance and flexibility both decrease your chance of falls or other injuries. They can also keep you from getting hurt if you do experience a fall, twist or overextension.

See benefits immediately.

At Stanford University, the football team added a new training regimen in 2007. In addition to the expected weight training and cardio, players engaged in regular training in both balance and flexibility. The benefits were seen immediately: the injury rate dropped by 87% the first year. In the most recent year that we have figures for, only two players had serious injuries requiring surgery during the football season.

They also saw and increase in performance on the field. A team that, in the previous season, won a single game went to the Bowl Championship Series four times in a row.

Athletes in other disciplines may also find that adding a practice like aerial yoga that offers increased balance and flexibility can help them avoid injuries on the field while improving their performance in general.

See benefits for years to come.

As people age, they typically see a reduction in their muscle mass. And, if they have not been working regularly to keep their balance good, they may find that it gets even worse with age. When balance fails, falls become more likely. Falls can also become a greater danger as we get older, as reduced bone mass makes injury more likely.

Many yoga poses already call on a good sense of balance. In aerial yoga, there’s a need for even better balance skills. These skills don’t just make it possible to achieve graceful poses. They transfer to your life outside the yoga studio, making you more agile and less likely to trip and fall, no matter what age you are.

Additionally, aerial yoga allows you to relax even more fully and deeply into each pose. By allowing gravity to aid you, you gradually increase your own level of flexibility.

Yoga is a practice that is worthwhile on its own merits. The benefits to our health and our outlook are significant. The improvement in balance and flexibility that you take with you are just a bonus. We like to think of it as one of the many ways that yoga practice augments and becomes a seamless part of your life instead of just a break from it.

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