Is Aerial Yoga Right for Me?

aerial yoga right for youWhen you are looking at yoga classes, you will find that there are far more choices available than there were in the past. Aerial yoga, which is performed off the ground while supported by a soft fabric hammock, can look a little intimidating, especially if you are just getting started at yoga. But, this can be a great choice for people of all levels for a number of reasons:

1. Aerial yoga can relieve pressure.

Some poses, like inversions, can cause pressure in your back and hips that some people find uncomfortable or painful. With aerial yoga, you are not against the ground, so you will not have the weight of your own body pushing against you. This can make these positions easier to attain.

2. Aerial yoga is great for pain relief.

If you do yoga for arthritis, try out an aerial class to see if it is a good fit for you. Aerial yoga allows you to stretch and relax more easily. It releases endorphins, which can help cut down on pain and enhance your general feelings of well-being.

3. Aerial yoga can help you learn new poses.

There are some postures that can take years to learn. With aerial yoga, you are able to get the correct alignment more easily, allowing you to perform balance poses, back bends, deep stretches and handstands. And, in many cases, you can take the feeling of getting that posture right back to a traditional yoga class and enhance your ability to perform the pose in that setting.

4. Aerial yoga can give you a thrilling sense of accomplishment.

Who wouldn’t love gracefully moving through the air? Aerial yoga allows you to enjoy the sensation of inversions and deep stretches. And, adding a new skill to your set always gives a sense of empowerment and satisfaction.

5. Aerial yoga is great even for beginners.

The hammocks are securely anchored a bit about the floor so that you can move freely and safely. Instructors are deeply involved to ensure that all participants are able to properly attain postures or do a modified version if necessary. Our open-minded and caring staff is happy to help through moves and become more confident.

Adding a new activity to your life can often be intimidating. Visit our Vacaville studio for a class to see if you like aerial yoga and if it is a good way to continue to enhance your yoga practice.

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