How Aerial Yoga Builds Confidence

aerial yoga

Ever looked at an aerial performer with envy? How do they get that ability? Don’t you just wish that you could do what they could do? Surprisingly, these skills are not as elusive as they’d seem. Aerial yoga is accessible to people of all levels of mobility and all skill levels. You will be surprised at the things you can get your body to do once you trust yourself enough to try.

Most aerial moves are adaptations of the same ones you’d do in a yoga class on the ground. You rest in a soft but strong nylon hammock during class. Aerial yoga hammocks are only suspended about three feet above the ground. Most moves are perfectly safe and there is no need to fear falling. You are just high enough for full movement; even if you did fall, it’s a short enough distance that there is little chance of injury. However, once you gain skill in this area, you will find that most moves come with no risk of falling at all. You can do the same things in class that others are doing far from the ground. Most of us will never perform on aerial silks in public, but knowing that you have worked for the same abilities is a thrill.

The biggest difference between traditional and aerial yoga is the increased range of movement. Aided by gravity and the additional space, you have the ability to extend each move farther. Over time, this means that you can build a higher degree of flexibility faster. You will find that your abilities in other yoga disciplines are increased, giving you a well-deserved sense of accomplishment. 

Aerial yoga is supremely relaxing. During your practice, you will have less pressure on your body. You will enjoy a higher level of focus, making every minute of your yoga workout work for you. When you come out of class, you will feel more calm and collected than when you went in. All of this leads to strong self-assurance and an easier time dealing with whatever the day throws at you.

This is a form of yoga that can also make you stronger more quickly. In many poses, you are working against gravity, giving you a more intense workout. When we become physically stronger, it can make us feel emotionally stronger, too. This translates into a higher degree of confidence in your day to day life.

By taking on a more challenging form, you can make a connection with deeper, more confident parts of yourself. Aerial yoga is accessible to you no matter what your previous experience. Looking for something that is fun, healthy and can make you feel better about yourself all at the same time? Check our schedule to learn when you can join us at an aerial yoga class.

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