How Aerial Yoga Battles Back and Neck Pain

When people think of aerial yoga, their thoughts usually go straight to impressive acts of flexibility and balance, often performed many feet in the air. However, this view of the practice leaves out some of the best benefits that aerial yoga can provide. This type of yoga is especially good for neck and back pain. A few reasons why:

Aerial yoga makes you feel weightless.

This style of yoga is performed in a soft hammock a few feet above the ground. When you are suspended like this, you do not have the pressure of the floor or mat beneath you. This means a more comfortable yoga experience if you are already dealing with back or neck pain.

Deep stretches are easier.

When you have gravity working on your side, it is much easier to get the deep stretches that help you work out kinks and pain. Simply relax into positions and discover how easy it is to get the full benefit of each stretch. Stretching helps relieve pain in the short term by relaxing tight muscles. In the long term, it helps you build flexibility to avoid injury.

Aerial yoga is invigorating.

When we exercise, it releases endorphins. These feel-good chemicals are powerful pain relievers. When you engage in the graceful, weightless practice of aerial yoga, you will get a good dose of that beneficial reaction. You’ll find that you are relaxed and less likely to feel back or neck pain.

Aerial yoga allows you to breathe more deeply.

Breath is at the center of yoga. Maintaining smooth breath flow helps you relax into the positions and get the calming benefit from your practice. With aerial yoga, you will not find yourself tense and straining for a position. As a result, you will breathe more deeply, which in turn helps combat neck and back pain.

Almost anyone can do aerial yoga.

As long as you are within the hammock’s weight limit, you can do aerial yoga. Do not feel that it is something reserved for people with the bodies of acrobats. Anyone can start with aerial and begin getting the benefits right away. Aerial yoga’s graceful movements help you build confidence right away. This, in turn, makes it easier to commit to a regular yoga routine that will help you grow stronger and more flexible. You’ll find that the better you get at aerial, the fewer neck and back problems you will have.

We offer several aerial classes every week for people of all yoga skill levels. Check our calendar to see one that fits your schedule. Our instructor can answer your questions before class and help you achieve the right moves to help you become more flexible and cut out back and neck pain.

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