8 Top Benefits of Ballet Barre Pilates

You don’t have to be a ballerina to add barre to your workouts. Ballet Barre Pilates gives you an excellent workout that improves strength, flexibility and balance. A few of the top reasons to add a Ballet Barre Pilates class:

1. It targets multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Ballet Barre Pilates is a very efficient workout, allowing you to work several areas at once. You’ll be doing two to four motions in every move, which includes stretching, pulsing and holding. This raises the heart rate, making it a great aerobic workout, as well.

2. It increases body awareness and coordination.

The benefits of a barre workout do not end at the end of class. Ballet Barre Pilates works underused muscles and makes the connection between your mind and body stronger. You will find that you have better balance and coordination, leading to better athletic performance in other areas, as well as an increased level of confidence and satisfaction.

3. It helps shake up your routine.

When exercise classes get boring, it gets harder to pull your gear together and head to a class. Ballet Barre Pilates is different from the other activities you’ll take on, adding variety and interest to your exercise routine.

4. It improves your endurance.

Ballet Barre Pilates includes many small movements done at a fast pace. This raises your heart rate an allows you to develop the capacity to push yourself farther than before. You’ll find that you can run longer and faster, spend more time at hard outdoor chores like gardening and even squeeze more fun out of a day on the beach.

5. It builds core strength.

Ballet Barre Pilates is excellent at working you core muscles during every move. This helps you avoid injury, improves your posture and improves your performance in other sports such as tennis.

6. It improves bone health.

As we get older, many of us will encounter concerns with the strength and health of our bones. A workout that strengthens your muscles increases the tension on bones, causing your bones to become stronger. This can help you avoid issues like osteoporosis later in life.

7. It helps you lose weight and improves your appearance.

A workout that targets large muscle groups is great for burning calories. And, when you add in the toning that you get from Ballet Barre Pilates, you will look stronger, slimmer and more trim.

8. It increases flexibility.

The bends and stretches in a Ballet Barre Pilates working help increase your range of motion. This can make it easier to do tough poses in other exercises like yoga. It can also help you avoid injury when you are out for a run or just engaging in everyday activities like playing with your kids.

Ballet Barre Pilates can be done by health conscious people at every level of fitness. Talk to one of our instructors about adding a barre class to your routine.

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